Keeping Yourself Protected On A Night Out

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We get it. Heading on out and experiencing the town, or events in your local area can be a brilliant time. We all love going out and having fun, perhaps having a drink or two, and celebrating in this little thing we call life. There’s arguably no better way to blow off steam. However, it’s a true shame that keeping ourselves protected on a night out is something that needs to be considered at all. In a perfect world, we wouldn’t have to worry about this.


But this is not a perfect world, and even if it was, exercising caution would still be a good idea, even if we might not ‘have to.’ Of course, even if you hope to blow off steam, there’s a distinctly sensible and rational approach that needs to be appreciated if you hope to stay safe and enjoy your night out without any trials and tribulations. Let us help you achieve that, and potentially help you assess what those potential threats could be:


Don’t Go Alone


It might be that through pure convenience, you have opted to meet your friend at a club or bar. You get there, and you realize that they haven’t arrived just yet. ‘No worries,’ you think, you’re happy to get a drink at the club and sit at a booth. But it can sometimes be that in this heated and drunken environment, you might become bothered by others. Sometimes it might be someone who thinks you look at them the wrong way, other times it might be those who cannot take no for an answer. This is where it’s important to not stay alone on the streets, or out of the view of those who could come to help. In populated environments you will likely be okay, provided you are in full view of the purveyors of whatever establishment you’re in. Your aforementioned friend might be held up at work, and at this point you might decide to simply head home instead of trying to fit in with another group. If you have the confidence to, then staying could be an option, but you’ll need to keep your wits about you. It’s a shame that htis is the case, but it’s simply good common sense.


However, it’s much better if you can travel in groups. Arriving with friends, and certainly leaving with friends can be an essential means of seeming more intimidating to those who might have negative intentions, those who are drawn to these kind of scenes on a night out.


Take Care Of Your Drink


It’s essential for you to watch your drink at all times. Even just leaving it on a table next to inattentive friends might leave you open to harm. It’s not uncommon for both women and men (although disproportionately women,) to be spiked with an unknown substance. This can leave you more pliable, and a would-be attacker can simply pretend they know you and are escorting your drunk self out of the club. It sounds horrific to say, but it happens frequently up and down the country, and so it’s essential to take care of yourself. Never leave a drink unattended. If you have to, drink it before your bathroom visit, or simply do without the rest of the drink if you cannot guard it as well as you had hoped. On top of that, do not be afraid to report any suspicious individuals to the bartender if you feel you are being ‘watched’ or someone seems to take a special interest in your personal space. They can often summon the bouncer or even the police to deal with this situation immediately. Furthermore, this is why it’s so important to have friends and those you trust around you. Without that, keeping yourself protected on a night out can be that little bit more difficult.


Watch Yourself


We all know that blowing off steam, having a few drinks, dancing the night away can help us enjoy ourselves, and can often lead to some fantastic memories and excellent bonding. However, watch yourself. Do not go overboard. Sloppy drunks can only lead to aggressive reactions, especially if you’re falling into people, are causing a scene, or are shouting. All of this only attracts negative attention.


On top of watching your drink, also ensure you know how many drinks you have had, and how many you might be able to handle. Without that ability, you might find yourself becoming less and less in control of your actions, and your inhibitions will be severely reduced. Even if you’re the most high-flying legal partner in a law firm, you can still be susceptible to this kind of difficulty. Hold yourself to a high standard. It’s best to just enjoy the taste and the act of drinking rather than to chase the effects. This way you will actually be able to recall the night you’ve experienced, and for some people (especially those who are young,) this can seem like a radical idea.


Charge Your Phone


Your mobile phone is essential to keep charged as you head out. Keep it in a strong case so that it won’t smash if you drop it. Ensure that GPS tracking is enabled to help you source the phone should you report its theft to the police. Keep it on a full battery before you go out, because at the end of the night, you might need to reconnect with your friends and find a taxi to contact. After all, using an Uber or Lyft vastly outweighs the need to negotiate with a taxi driver, and Ubers are much more secure.


On top of that, ensure that you have enough allocated minutes, texts, and data to help the phone run no matter where you are or what you’re doing. This is where the only true unlimited plan can be such a big help, and can give you the vital components you need to protect yourself no matter where you are.


Defuse Or Avoid


Alcohol or people under the influence of alcohol can often lead to aggressive situations. Even if you’ve been sober for twenty years, you will never fully escape the tendency for drunk people to cause a scene, especially in an environment like this. Don’t be a hero. Either defuse the situation if one occurs, or avoid it. Look around you and view where the hostilities are taking place, and do your best to steer well clear from them. If you can do this, you will be able to avoid becoming involved in a fight, or being followed. Fights are not as they seem in the movies, all action choreography that leads to the good guys winning every time. It’s not uncommon for people to become deeply injured or even suffer worse. We have painted a very evocative and intense picture here, some might consider it too far, but it’s essential to know what the possibilities are so that you know to always, always avoid them. We would be remiss to ignore these facts.


Keep Night Outs To A Minimum


A night out is not a healthy thing. It is an indulgent. You’ll likely stay up late, imbibe alcohol, suffer the next day as a result of your conversations, and generally leave yourself feeling like less of a person. If you want to stay protected, sometimes simply having a healthy night in can be a good idea. But of course, you shouldn’t limit your fun just because of that. What matters is balance, so be sure to find it.


With these tips, you will hopefully find yourself more secure no matter the night out you choose to enjoy.

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