I Just Want Dating To Be Simple And Straightforward – What’s Wrong With That?

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I don’t really date. I know, I know. I can’t find love if I don’t try, but that’s the problem. I’m tired of trying so hard all the time with no results. When I realized that the effort was coming primarily from my end, I decided that my time would be better spent on my career, my friends, and my own personal happiness. I have plenty of goals to achieve that have nothing to do with finding a partner.

I’m committed to maintaining and improving the life I’m leading on my own right now.

I’m far from alone – I am surrounded by people who love, respect and understand me. I’m lucky enough to have an amazing support system with or without a romantic partner. I think that combined with the fact that I feel no need to start a family are the main reasons that I’ve decided I can hold out on dating until it isn’t a headache for everyone involved.

It doesn’t have to be so complicated. It really doesn’t. Why do we make it that way? We get all weird and convoluted. We’re afraid to be straightforward and tell the honest truth. We are so very terrified of rejection. Instead of just letting life flow organically, we over think and we confuse and we jump to conclusions. It’s a bit of mess.

All I want is to like someone who likes me back, someone who is emotionally mature and confident enough that we can be open and honest and easy about the whole thing.

It sounds intuitive, but in reality it’s nearly impossible to come by. It always gets weird. Pretty much all of us come with some baggage that convolutes and warps the way we approach dating. It’s too complicated to manage, so I give up. I am getting older and I honestly don’t have the time or emotional energy to tackle something that is going to make my life more difficult.

So, because of that, I don’t date. Yes, I would like something to work out easily and naturally someday. Maybe that’s unrealistic in this day and age. I’m honestly not sure anymore. I’m fine with it, most of the time. I have my days, just like anyone else. Sometimes I feel like it’s never going to happen for me and I’ll die alone. Some days, I’m really okay with that idea. Others, not so much.

It is what it is, so I’m just going to take it one day at a time, stay as positive as possible, and live my life fully. I refuse to look back and regret wasting precious time pining over love that didn’t come my way. I’d rather stay present and appreciate how fortunate I am here and now.

Amy Horton
I am a writer, free spirit, and fairly functional human living in Los Angeles. I tell it like I see it and I don't hold back. I hope to connect with my readers through our common experiences and touch some hearts and souls!
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