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Today I did a little New Years cleaning and found an old journal. Never a good thing when you want to clean, for then you get stuck reading about who you used to be instead of who you think you are now. Still, this made me laugh out loud and reminded me once again that decades never die. They only remind you of your true self, should you chose to accept it. OR they make you stronger and tell you, “get your shit together, you crazy.”

Dated: March 4th 2004
Blah blah blah, personal personal personal (you didn’t really think I was going to let you read my journal did you?)  …
“I just hope everything gets better.
My mom told me not to squander my 20’s and I hope I don’t. By 30 I want to be on my way…far along. I am gonna make a list.”

A list

∆   Go to Australia
∆    Buy a house somewhere
∆   Speak 5 languages
∆   Help a village
∆   Help another village
∆   See my name in lights
∆   Figure out my Father
∆   Be a UN Ambassador
∆   Feel true love
∆   Write a book
∆   Learn the piano/guitar
∆   Know my nieces and nephews
∆   Make my sister feel loved
∆   Pay off college loans
∆   Get out of debt
∆   Crush dangerous gossip
∆   Own a vineyard in Italy*
∆   Move back to Vienna
∆   Do my Mexican road trip
∆   Adopt an unfortunate child

After drinking good wine and living in California for a while..I am almost certain my vineyard should be in Napa or France, not Italy as previously listed.. although I have a weakness for a good Chianti and basically all things Italian.….addendums allowed. It’s my list I make the rules.

I have and have not done some of these things.  Ya know…Come hang out at my vineyard next weekend , am I right…Right?? NO I’M RIGHT/// BOOO HOOO! Truly a vineyard would be nice.. Fontenelle 2014..Stop crying. it’s awkward.

No but seriously seriously: Life is pretty good to me. I mean it has to be right? I challenge the person to find me a truly unfortunate human soul who blogs. With that being said and the Demetria Viognier gone, (Thank you Alexis), I wish you well.

To a Happy DirtyandThirty. I feel clean and sober, however sobriety is in the hands of the beholder. For me, with sobriety comes anxiety. And if God wanted me to be sober he would’ve never put wine at my dinner table..

To Breaking Bread and Bad with Friends.

Happy 2012

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