If Chris Pratt And Anna Faris Can’t Make It, Who Can?

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I’ve been serving tables in Los Angeles for eleven years, and in that time, Chris Pratt and Anna Faris are one of the couples I’ve served most frequently. From their early days of dating to their low-key dinner dates with their son Jack, I’ve been privileged to get a first-hand glimpse at their relationship.

I won’t lie – I was both admiring and jealous. Not only are they two of the nicest, most normal, laid back people in Hollywood, they always seemed incredibly in love. When they became regular diners at one particular restaurant where I worked, all the girls there talked enviously about the way they looked at each other. Our boyfriends certainly didn’t swoon all over us like that!

They were grounded, normal, and real. Out of all the couples in the entertainment industry, I believed that they had a real chance at making it work. They were clearly dedicated to their child and to each other. They were kind, polite, and always friendly. They even came out to a quiet dinner together instead of attending the Emmys one year. They weren’t superficial or flashy or needy. They were just Chris and Anna.

Now they’re separating, and it sounds silly, but it sort of breaks my heart. I want to believe that true love can survive. I want to believe that some couples can persevere and make it despite the struggles and pressures of fame. Even though I know it’s always more complicated than that, I wanted to believe that this beautiful love, which I had witnessed in action, would persist.

The reality is that people, love, and relationships are all complicated. There’s a lot more at play than emotions when it comes to making a marriage work. People change. Lives change. Situations change. No matter how much two people care for each other and work at a successful relationship, sometimes it’s just not going to happen. It’s sad, and it sucks, but that’s how life goes.

I think that secretly I’m afraid I’ll never be able to make my own love work, so I root for people like Anna and Chris who seem so grounded and in love despite their very public status. Somehow I think, if they can do it, so can I! Then when it doesn’t work out for them, I feet a bit personally sad. It reminds me that no matter what, life is going to contain heartbreak and pain and sad times. It reminds me that even if I do find the love I want someday, it might not last. It’s scary.

In the end, their breakup is another reminder that we are all human, whether we are famous or not. We are all connected by common experiences, joys, pains, and emotions. We all try our best at love and life, but we don’t always succeed. That is no measure of who any of us are as individuals. It’s simply the way of the world. I wish nothing but the best for both of these lovely people, together or apart. I hope that they heal and move on in the most positive and painless way possible.

Amy Horton
I am a writer, free spirit, and fairly functional human living in Los Angeles. I tell it like I see it and I don't hold back. I hope to connect with my readers through our common experiences and touch some hearts and souls!
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