How not to act like an idiot when you meet a hot guy

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How not to act like an idiot when you meet a hot guy

How not to act like an idiot when you meet a hot guy: With lots of holiday parties on the calendar for the next few weeks, there’s plenty of opportunities to meet new people. However if you’re one of those dirty-and-thirties who are super cool around their friends but totally lose their shit around a hot guy, fear not! These tips are just for you.


Your heart is racing, your mind is fantasizing (about how good he’d look at the end of the aisle), and you’re also completely tongue-tied. At best. At worst you’re about to say something really stupid. You know those nice deep breaths you’ve been doing in yoga while trying to hold some impossible pose? Do them now. Gently in, gently out. And you can thank your yoga teacher next time you see her.

Drink … water

It’s natural when we’re nervous to want to throw back a few hard drinks. Don’t. Do I need to repeat this? DO NOT. Grab a water or anything non-alcoholic instead. If Mr Hot Guy wants to buy you a drink, you can impress him with your clean living ways buy ordering some H2O. And if you’re feeling extra fancy, go sparkling with a dash of lime.

Stop talking

One of the biggest turn offs for guys, is women who talk too much. But closing your mouth doesn’t mean being boring! If he isn’t picking up the slack in the conversation, ask questions. Then let him talk. If he asks you questions, keep your answers short. You want to give him space to tell you all about himself. You can think of yourself like a detective, and just like Sherlly Holmes, pay attention to what clues he’s giving out about the sort of man he is.

Be Present

The gift of being the powerhouse goddess that you are, is that you can multi-task. Put those superpowers to use now by keeping part of your attention on Mr Hot Guy and part of your attention on your surroundings. What music is playing? What color is his sweater? How uncomfortable are those heals you insisted on wearing? By splitting your focus onto something other than him, you will naturally calm down.

Accept rejection

Ouch! Accepting rejection is one of the most self-empowering things we can learn. You may not believe it, but rejection isn’t personal. How could it be? He only just met you! If you have a real hard time getting over rejection or it triggers old insecurities about your self-worth, I highly recommend the book, Change from Within: A Journal of Exercises and Meditations to Transform, Empower & Reconnect.

Elke Elouise Taylor
Elke Elouise Taylor is a scientist and empath. Combining her academic background & intuitive gifts she developed a step-by-step Intuitive Healing process to help people heal their insecurities, reconnect with their authentic self & find their life's true purpose.
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