The History and Evolution of Online Chat Rooms

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In this time of digital advancement, live chat has gained more popularity in both the business and entertainment sector. It is a system in which users are able to communicate in real time by using easy web interfaces. Web chat messages are usually short which enables the users to respond quickly. Online chat enables you to communicate with text, voice or video which is necessary for live conferences or support for online brands.

Chat rooms were created where people of common interest world could communicate with each other to share their knowledge and experiences with each other. These chat rooms are now evolved and used for gaming discussions, education, business promotion and customer services. Organizations use chat rooms to hold online meetings while others use it for simple communication or entertainment.

Let’s take a look at the evolution of web chat and some of the more popular chatting programs.

MUD Servers

It all started in 1978 when Roy Trubshaw developed a program for computers by the name of MUD which allows people to join a fantasy game from their personal computers. At the end of 1994, there were more than 400 MUD based programs available online where people can discuss common interest topics like gaming, farming, business, entertainment and politics.

IRC Chat

In 1988, Jarkko Oikarinen developed the IRC (Internet Relay Chat) system to support bulletin board functions, where people can discuss their issues of interest like news, software and gaming etc. Overtime it has expanded to several thousand networks where people can register online to obtain an IRC ID which enables them to join chat rooms of their subject of interest.

Java Chat

The language JAVA was introduced in 1990’s by the computer engineers from SUN. Not only this language enabled us to use dynamic graphics and apps online but also enables us to create live chat rooms online. Java chat was unique at that time because it can be embedded into a website which allows people to join chat rooms through their internet browsers for the very first time. Now Java chat is used on millions of websites for the purpose of personal and business needs.

Voice and Video Chat

As the Java chat rooms grow popular a new wave of chat rooms were introduced with the utility of video conference. This method of online communication is commonly known as voice chatting which allows you to view a common slideshow and you can also hear the voice of the other participants in your chat room. With the advancement of webcams, voice chat is now evolved into video chat which is highly popular these days for online communication.

Not only video chat is used for personal or corporate uses, it is also used for discussion of common interest topics through various platforms and entertainment. There are many websites like dirty roulette that allows you to have adult entertainment online. These entertainment chat sites are used daily by millions of people at any time.


There are some real benefits of chat rooms. The key of their success is to use them safely and by being internet literate. Always consider the more safe and beneficial online experience if you use chat rooms on a regular basis. These chat rooms are a major source of information or entertainment for anyone who knows how to find and access the right one for their needs.

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