Happy Dog-oween
by Jill Anenberg

Most people love Halloween because it’s an excuse for girls to dress like the slutty version of, well anything. And guys love to play tricks and get treats.  My favorite part of Halloween is the awesome & adorable dog costumes.

However, as much as I love dogs, some people do go a bit overboard and need to get a hold of themselves.  If your dog could talk, do you think having footballs as feet would be his first choice? Do you think he would be thrilled to have those outrageous fake boobs on its chest?!

There’s the saying, “As you get older you tend to look like your dog.” …but come on, there’s no need to force it!


Mom, you promise this will get me lei’d?

Did Mama really dress her like frickin’ Snooki!? Is Mr. Boston seriously sportin’ fins!?

Happy Halloween!!

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Jill Anenberg

With a background in stand up comedy and brought up with a pack of dudes, the title of my blog is very appropriate! "JillThinksLikeJack" I'm a host, fitness buff, animal lover & down for fun & extreme adventures girl. Chillin' on the couch in a robe w/ a cookie kicks ass too!!

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