Galentine’s Day: Get Crafty!

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If you’re anything like me, you much prefer Galentine’s Day to Valentine’s Day with a boyfriend. Even when I’m taken, I’d rather hang out with my girls. This year I thought I’d try some fun crafty ideas with the help of Michael’s! I tried one of their Galentine’s party craft ideas and this is how it went:

I got all the supplies for their Beaded Slide Bracelets as shown on their website. The materials provided were slightly different than those displayed on the site, but I figured I would try it out anyway.

I found the instructions a bit difficult to follow, but I gave it my best shot anyway. I figured it all out, but since I did not have the correct products my final outcome was not what I hoped it would be. The beads were too large and the bracelet wasn’t the correct style, so the attached wire with the beads on it slid around wherever it wanted. It looked okay on the counter but unfortunately didn’t work so well on my wrist.

I do believe that with the correct materials these bracelets would be a really fun and crafty idea for a Galentine’s Day party! The instructions were fairly easy and the picture online made it simple to see how the finished bracelets should look. Definitely check out this and other Galentine’s Day crafts on the Michael’s website!

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