How to Flourish During Your Summer Pregnancy

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How to Flourish During Your Summer Pregnancy. Your belly’s starting to put beach balls to shame. It keeps growing and growing, and the temperatures keep rising. With the mounting humidity, you have trouble getting up the stairs and wish you could swim in a big vat of mint chocolate chip ice cream.

How can you make it through the summer months? Ideally, you’ll take a few cabana boys with fans by the beach and that vat of ice cream, but, well, yeah.

If you’re short on cabana boys, like most of us, here’s how you and your big old baby belly flourish.

From Dehydration to Mocktail Sipping

Moms-to-be should consume ten cups of fluid a day. If you’re out in the hot weather, you will need some extra fluids, so make sure you have some water with you. It’s better to be safe than sorry after losing all your hydration to sweating it out.

Some of those drinks can be mocktails as long as you err on the healthy side. Try combining lime, mango juice and chilled seltzer. The mango juice has tons of iron and vitamin C. Decorate other mocktails with a wide variety of fruit and mint leaves.

From Nauseated to Nourished

Nausea is worse during the first trimester, but it also strikes in the heat. To help avoid it, eat small meals spaced out evenly throughout the day. Don’t go big. By eating smaller meals more frequently, you’ll be consistently nourished and won’t feel like you’re starving or extra stuffed. Drink liquids half an hour before or after meals.

Keep crackers next to your bed to help settle your stomach, especially to get something in there when you start your day. They don’t call it morning sickness for nothing.

To make things a bit more exciting, focus on the abundance of summer foods. Make grilled chicken fajitas and nourishing dips with veggie chips. Mix nonfat yogurt with blueberries and walnuts — and homemade popsicles are a pregnant lady’s best friend.

During the evening, avoid spicy and greasy foods that boost inflammation and disturb your tummy. Check your teeth for signs of gingivitis, such as inflamed and receding gums. Hormonal shifts increase the likelihood of gingivitis, which is linked to bone loss, periodontal disease and premature birth. So, keep up with recommended dental visits and watch your diet.

From Swollen to Pampered

What season is edema’s favorite? Summer.

If you feel like a beach ball now, wait for your lower half to swell up, too. Your feet, ankles and calves bloat and ache like crazy. Want to know an easy fix that makes you feel like a princess?

What do you do when you twist your ankle? You keep it elevated.

Elevate your royal pregnant self. Put those legs on the softest cushion you can find. Prop them up at home and work. Buy yourself a hammock — swat your partner if they dare try to claim it — and freeze your brain with your favorite ice cream.

From Miserable to Mermaid

You want to move, but you don’t want to move. Decisions. Decisions.

Moderate exercise is good for expectant mothers in all trimesters, but it’s best to avoid intense exercise that risk falls and trips. That means it’s time to release your inner mermaid. Yes, mermaid, not whale.

Go from miserable to mermaid when you take a dip in the pool. The buoyancy relieves pressure on your squished insides and lowers your core temperature. Splashing and walking around also offers low-impact activity for all comfort levels.

Don’t be afraid to break out the kiddie pool, either, and sit there sipping your mocktails. You’re pregnant and get to look as ridiculously glorious as you want.

From Sausage Casing to Flowing Goddess Wear

Most trending wear makes you feel like you’re donning sausage casing. Skinny jeans are edema-don’ts when pregnant.

Avoid chafing and sticky, stinky everywhere sweat by choosing lightweight and natural fiber maternity clothes. Let it all hang loose with flowing goddess wear. You won’t overheat when the sweat evaporates, and your body cools down more effectively. Get a properly-fitted maternity bra and undies, and slip into a sweet linen shift dress and wide-brim hat for your next outing.

Forget surviving the summer while pregnant. You deserve better than that. You’re growing a tiny human. Focus on flourishing this summer and showing off that beautiful, big baby belly.

Get out and about, and get your butt off the couch. Remember to drink plenty of water, and space your meals evenly throughout the day to stay nourished and satiated. Break out the mint chocolate chip and swing on your hammock. Skip the sausage casing clothes, and wear your flowy goddess maternity best.

Honor your mermaid-mama-goddess self by taking a dip in the pool and sipping on the finest mocktail your partner can make. The baby will practice their own flips and kicks, so you might as well join in the fun. Pamper yourself this summer before you’re knee-deep in pampers with your tiny human.

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