Female and male email newsletters. Are we really so different?

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Men and women have different attitudes toward online shopping. Some are guided by a practical approach, others by emotions. In this article, we will analyze how the gender of the subscriber affects the content, design and sending letters. We will give tips on which emails to send by Saint Valentine’s Day.

Why should companies take gender into account?

Research confirms thatthe male and female brains work in different ways. This affects all areas of life, including shopping.

Online Shopping: Men vs. Women

Men are guided by a practical approach. They compare prices and quality. They do not need extra information, whilewomen are guided by emotions. In order for a woman to make a purchase, the brand must be reliable and cause a desire to buy in this particular place.

For men, buying is a must. They do not linger on the site, choose what they came for, pay for the goods and leave. For women, shopping is a journey. They navigate through the pages of the site, consider all options, compare with other brands. For men, the worst thing is not to find the product right away, while women enjoy the process.

Men tend to return to the same sites. They know what to expect there and what product they need. For women, the main thing is service. They are interested in a dialogue with the brand and its attitude.

Men are more likely than women to make purchases from their mobile phones, as this significantly speeds up the choice. A small screen contains only important product information.

Women are more alert when shopping online. They are more than men, worried about being deceived.

These differences underlie gender online marketing. The attitude of women and men to shopping determines what they want in your letters.

Features of the preparation of female and male letters

Email sending time

According to statistics, women and men open letters at a different time. Men are more likely to check mail in the morning, and women – in the evening.

Letter design

Men’s emails usually containinformation about discounts, a selection of goods and cost. The main goal is to help the subscriber quickly make a decision.Diamond Back Truck Coversrelies on email marketing to sell their durable truck covers and accessories. Their emails, powered by Campaign Monitor, are clever and full of enticing offers for truck enthusiasts.

The main clients of Oribe are women. Oribe delivers high-performance, treatment-based hair products.  Theirletters are based on a single concept, which corresponds to the illustrations, text, and recommendations. Oribeshows the product in action, it helps the future customer to use the product properly.They never forget that healthy hair is the foundation for glamorous style. Oribe uses Campaign Monitor to send beautifully branded newsletters and product announcements.

What to write in emails

Help a man solve his problem. If he is looking for jeans, give him some. Offer a choice from different price categories. No need to pay much attention to related products, they only distract.

Women constantly need to prove that you are the best. Discounts are good, but you still need to talk to the subscriber. In emails tell about the history of the creation of the brand, what materials you use in production, who works in your company. For a woman, this means much more than an unemotional catalog. A great example is this email from Stumptown Coffee a coffee roaster and retailer with shops across the United States. They have a hip brand and incredible coffee. They sent this email with Campaign Monitor, promoting their favorite road-trip-ready brew gear.


When creating a holiday email campaign, try to solve the problems of your consumer and anticipate his needs. Think about who is the main buyer of gifts for gender holidays, and who will receive the final greeting. Naturally, the audience will be the opposite.

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