What to Expect Once You’ve Reached 30!

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The day has come, no matter how much you’ve wished for a Peter Pan experience of not growing older. You are now 30 years of age. It’s a milestone and a cause for both celebration and mourning. Celebration because you are officially 30 years old, the year of changes and realizing who you are while loving the person you’ve become and mourning for the loss of your twenties. The writing’s on the wall. You are getting older and there is no stopping Father Time.

For all the benefits to be had when reaching 30; there are also pitfalls in leaps and bounds. Mentally, physically and even emotionally you will find yourself changing, some things for the better and some things definitely for the worst. But what exactly can a person expect just because their age is now starting with the number three instead of the number two? It all depends on the individual and their unique personality. There are some generic changes the majority of people, both female and male, will experience. Yay right?

Second Puberty

You might find yourself going through what professionals have deemed “a second puberty”, or a variety of new aches and pains that will make you shake your head and say “What? What is this? Why does this hurt?”, or you will find yourself healing and recovering at a slower rate from illness or even a late night out. You are suddenly more susceptible to illnesses such as a cold or the flu. Great! Good times! Maybe you’re experiencing weight gain or weight loss in areas that didn’t really need tending to before. Goodbye young metabolism and days of eating your body weight in takeout without any effect.

All hope doesn’t have to be lost to the great abyss though, and it is possible to take care of your changing body to benefit you in the long run with a few simple steps. Read on to find out some of the major changes that a person can experience and how to offset the effects with a few simple adjustments.

Changes to the Body

Waking up in the morning, feeling great, on top of the world, and feeling physically healthy is a distant memory. Suddenly your bones crack, muscles ache, and your head is fuzzy. All you did was sleep so how did this happen? Your body’s natural healing ability diminishes over time and those little knocks you gave yourself before are now what can keep you down for the entire day.

You can change pant size by evening and the shirt you wore comfortably last week can feel like a binding tool. This can be avoided by changing your fitness routine, increasing cardio and weight use, and by using a recommended regime of supplements can help these effects be unnoticeable. Healthier eating habits and conscious thought of what you are putting in your body will allow a person a longer recovery time, reminiscent of the body you used to possess.

Illnesses that you could shrug off and go about your day with, such as a cold, are now the enemy. Your energy is drained, your ears are plugged, and you can’t breathe without sounding like a whistle. If feeling poorly, visit your doctor and see if the infection is viral or bacterial, as this can determine if you need prescription meds to feel better again. Use a device in the bedroom, such as a dehumidifier, to increase air quality and allow for easier breathing. Not sure of what dehumidifier is right for you? Check out goodairgeeks.com for an unbiased review of the best dehumidifiers on the market today.

More Changes

You have to love it, after already going through puberty while a teenager and finally putting those days in the rearview mirror, it is upon you again! It sped up and is right back in the side mirror or even passed you and is now in your eyesight.

Most people will experience both physical and mental changes once they have reached the ages of approximately 28 to 33 years old. Maybe you find new moles in places that there wasn’t any before or perhaps your recovery time for a girls’ night is suddenly 10 hours versus the lovely two of the past. These are signs of your second puberty. You can now, and probably will, fall asleep anywhere once the clock reaches 9:00pm. You will notice gray hairs creeping through your previously lush locks and maybe your hair is thinner or lacking its natural shine. And what are those lines forming around the eyes and mouth? Wrinkles at my age? Thanks body, ever so much!

Life doesn’t seem to revolve around your social calendar and you burst into spontaneous singing once plans have been canceled! Now you can go home after work, put on sweatpants and pin your hair on top of head without a care in the world. Your hobby of choice, TV or books or crafts, fill you with more joy than the thought of hopping from club to club and cab to cab. It’s normal and to be expected.


Just because you’re suddenly thirty and beyond, it does not have to mean your life as you knew it is over. Using a new fitness routine, dietary supplement, and thinking of things that didn’t affect you before (air quality) and proactively embracing them means your life can continue as before. Check with your doctor regarding any changes that scare you or speak to a counselor if you feel the stresses of “true” adult life. There are people and support groups, along with friends and family, who have been there, walked in these shoes, and felt the exact same things you are feeling now. Seek them out, have a chat over coffee or wine, and relish in the fact that your teen years and even your twenties didn’t knock you down but allowed you to become the fabulous person you are!



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