Everybody is a Critic.

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In life we hopefully pursue what makes us happy. What makes our own self happy MIGHT and probably will be different to what OTHERS define as happiness. If you know in your heart something feels right, then move forward with it. Everyone you know in your journey WILL have an opinion, sometimes these opinions will be helpful and other times they are just as they are AN OPINION.

When you go to an art show or a movie, pay attention to what everyone thinks about the
work and or film. If you pay close attention everyone see’s and feels something extremely different.

I am sure that “Starry Night” by Van Gogh wasn’t a blessing to all the eyes that saw this work, yet he still is a well renowned Impressionist artist who created the movement. When ever there is something done that hasn’t been done, critics want you to be like those before you and encourage you to change.

When you decide to get married and have children EVERYONE in your life will have their say in whether or not its a good idea. Trust yourself, if something feel’s right move forward. You cannot please everyone and guess what?! You weren’t born to live for anyone else BUT yourself. If you are happy than it is contagious, and that is by far the best you can do.

Go with your gut.

Lead with your heart.

And never let anyone convince you otherwise.

Sarah Agajanian

Sarah Agajanian
Sarah Agajanian is an artist and writer of many forms in Los Angeles, CA. She owns her own business called Rock N' Brows + Makeup in Beverly Hills, holding a reputation as a leading eyebrow sculptor to Hollywoods most elite Rocknbrows.com. Her nights are busy with performing/recording her music with her band project ESEMAE. A singer/songwriter/musician she is, determined to express her creative self as much as possible! ESEMAE frequents: The Viper Room, Foundation Room, Harvelles, Bar Lubitsch, Witzend, Troubadour and many more! Follow her on social media for all the music and beauty possible.

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