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Have you seen Angelina Jolie’s look for Mother’s Day? She was rocking an all-black outfit with a distinct note of gothic style. The darkly romantic part of the ‘90s is simply begging for a revival, especially now when we are entering the fall/winter season. So, if you want to follow Angie, Rihanna, Dita Von Teese, Kristen Stewart, Katy Perry, and many other celebrities who have walked down the black-and-lace trail, here are some tips on how to unleash your inner goth without looking like you’re headed to a Halloween party.

Go for black


It doesn’t take a genius to figure out that the basic color in the goth style is black. Wearing black is, at the same time, an ideal way of expressing this darkly trend. The best thing about this color is that it can always look fantastic, even when worn head-to-toe, so feel free to embrace it in all its darkness. Whether you decide to rock it with a figure-fitting midi dress or a pair of black jeans and a t-shirt, it is up to you.

Play with fabrics

If you think that an all-black outfit would be too monotonous, don’t worry. There are plenty of ways to introduce some dynamics into a monochromatic combination. One of them is combining different fabrics. For example, you can copy Angelina’s style and add some lace. This will soften the harsh look of the black color and give your outfit a touch of elegance. You can achieve a similar effect with velvet, but if softening is the last thing you want to do, feel free to try with leather.

Say it with your shoes


One of the many gothic fashion perks is the fact that you can use shoes to express yourself. Even if your complete outfit has nothing to do with this style, you can put on a pair of rockin’ platform Mary Jane shoes, thick sole boots or laced knee boots, and you can consider your inner goth diva unleashed. Just remember that – since goth-style shoes are usually very conspicuous – you should choose your footwear based on the occasion.


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The most subtle way to goth-up your style is to use light layers of accessories, such as hats, drape chockers, black wrist watches and skull bags. Studded bracelets are also an interesting way to spice up your wardrobe. Black rings (especially midi rings in with interesting shapes such as lunar phases) are the most subtle hints of goth style that you can wear.

Make it with makeup

Finally, when it comes to makeup, you are close to the point when someone will think it is over-the-top, especially if you are applying this makeup style during the day. However, there are ways to bring some subtlety into the whole story. First things first, the cat eye is a must. For daytime, it can be subdued to thin lines, while in the evening, you can go all out with your eyeliner. For an evening party, you can go for all-black eyelids or you can even smudge your eyeliner/eye shadow around to achieve the effortlessly chic look. In the end, you can add some color, just avoid using pastel and other light shades. The ones that are considered welcome are blue, dark green and purple.

As you can see, gothic fashion can look amazing. If you are not ready to come to the dark side and live there forever, you can introduce it through subtle clues, such as the ones we mentioned above. As long as you are able to maintain balance, this trend can only elevate your personal style. Besides, it is also incredibly fun.

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