CRUISE TRAVEL- is it safe?

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Yes- statistically speaking – There are 30 cruise companies.  There are over 2,300 cruises planned on average every year.  In the last three years you have had about 15 accidents (fire, running aground, or collissions with other boats).  This means on average you have only a 17% of chance of an incident occurring on your cruise vacation!

Like always i must advise to investigate!  Get to know the cruise ship and brand BEFORE you buy your ticket!  Go online and read reviews.  Go online and participate in live blogs with people who have been on that ship, brand and/or trip.  With knowledge comes power and you can request items or amenities that you were not aware of based on other guest experiences.  For example: room locations, views, dark cooridors (important to ask for well lit corridor areas if you are a female traveling only), complimentary amenities, list of request that you can ask for PRIOR to boarding, PROMOTIONS for on-ship and off-ship activities.

 Still worried about your cruise ship crashing. Check out a couple of Cruise Ship critics websites or blogs to share your experience or hear other travelers experiences:

 All aboard!  Let your hair down and have fun!



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