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It’s that time of year again… for gift giving! The holidays can be stressful, thinking of gift ideas to get your gal friends, girlfriends, sisters, mom, etc. The holidays should be a fun time to relax and spend time with family, not a time to stress about what you’re going to get each other. Well don’t worry, I’m here to help! I’ve compiled an easy list based on several different “types” of women to help you with holiday gift ideas for those lovely ladies in your lives!

For The Busy Mom: She likely would appreciate a day alone without the kids; a day to relax to help her feel rejuvenated and appreciated. Give her a day to herself! Try a spa gift card for a massage, facial and/or mani-pedi. You could also try a salon gift card so she can get her hair done. For a cheap idea, make a homemade coupon book. You can include things like “breakfast in bed” or “a day to sleep in”.


For The Busy Working Gal: If she loves coffee, try a Starbucks gift card or go with a nice gift set with some coffee and a mug. You could also get her a fancy decorated on-the-go cup! Working gals also spend a lot of time on their phones, so you could also get her a cool decorated cell phone cover. Has she been feeling stressed?  Get her some wine and nice decorative wine glasses…or a flask.


For The Fitness Junkie: I-tunes gift cards are always a good idea if she listens to music while she works out. You could also pick her out some cute t-shirts from a good workout brand like Nike or from the gym she belongs to. Nice water bottles or a cute gym bag are also fun ideas.


For The Fashionista: Gift sets are a great idea for this kind of gal, whether it be a makeup gift set, perfume set, hat, scarf and mitten set, etc. Try talking to the ladies at the makeup counters at stores like Macy’s. They work on commission, so would be more than willing to help you pick out something! Otherwise, if you know her favorite designer, you could surprise her with a purse (if you’re feeling extravagant) or a watch, clutch, wallet, sunglasses, etc.


For The Gamer Girl: Surprise her with a new video game she’s been talking about and hasn’t bought herself yet. Or try an expansion pack to her favorite game. If she’s an online gamer, you can buy her a prepaid game time card. If you’re into extravagant gifts, the PS4 was just released…


The Laid Back Chick: Think about something she really enjoys, like her favorite band, and surprise her with tickets to a show. You could also get her a movie theater gift card. Does she like to read? Pick a book that you think she might find interesting or maybe a Barnes and Noble gift card. Candles and/or lotion are always a nice idea too.


Gifts To Avoid Getting Most Women For Christmas: Cleaning supplies or equipment (like vacuums, mops and brooms) unless specifically asked for. A box of candy…what is this Valentine’s day? Lingerie, this is a gift for her, not you. Deodorant, shampoo or any other odd hygiene products (like mouthwash), that gift will often be misinterpreted.


Finally, according to a recent Facebook poll, women said the things they most want for Christmas are gift cards or JEWELRY. You can NEVER go wrong with jewelry. Just make sure you know what kind of gold she likes…she wont appreciate yellow gold if she hates it. Diamonds are a girl’s best friend…especially those of us lucky enough to be born in April. 😉

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