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Ahhhh, it’s that time of year again – the beginning of “Celebrity Swag Season” …. aka the time of year when celebs score endless amounts of clothes, watches, sunglasses, jewelry, beauty products, the latest technology gadgets, exercise equipment, five star trips and more! All they have to do is pose for a picture!

As an entertainment and lifestyle journalist, I usually end up covering a couple of the award show gifting suites and every year it is quite the experience! I spend hours stopping at every booth, conducting on camera interviews, actually learning about the product and what do I get?? Well last year I came home with a sarong, revitalash (lash enhancer) and some sample face creams. I couldn’t even score a can of the alcoholic whip cream I spent twenty minutes talking to the rep about. Come on… really? It’s just whip cream! Meanwhile Jennifer Love Hewitt and her crew of assistants rolling body sized bags filled with swag swept through and scored multiples of everything in the room. The kicker …. the five day five star resort trip to Tazania – I had to stop myself from pleading with her to please just give that one to me! I mean really- why is it the people who want for nothing get the most?

So just what do these companies get out of shelling thousands of dollars to be a part of the gifting suite and then giving out hundreds of thousands of dollars of swag – is it really worth it?? And the answer is YES! The chance that a starlet will be end up in press releases or in People magazine seen by millions of readers wearing “your” brand’s watch or taking a summer vacation at “your” new resort is worth every penny! So bring on “Celebrity Swag Season” people, it will continue going strong …… I guess I just wish “I” was a celebrity.

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