How to Become a Fashion Influencer

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Influencing people isn’t a small feat and it doesn’t really happen overnight. This is particularly true for when you want people to trust your advice, i.e. you wish to make yourself a trendsetter. In the world of fashion, the only way around things is a “do” or “don’t” method, so you need to be very careful about what you are suggesting and the way you are acting. You know what they say – let people learn by example. Meaning you, yourself, have to be into fashion and understand how it works, otherwise, it’ll be impossible to create a fetching combo.

Denim is life

You must be aware that Denim will never go out of fashion. Many have tried to overcome it, but to no avail. Instead of trying to avoid it, embrace it and turn it into something gorgeous. Denim jeans are your best friend as you can combine them with almost any outfit. Still, unless you are rocking the all-denim-everything, stop before you add a denim jacket, handbag or shirt to the mix as they’ll be a clear overkill.  

Sporty but not


Wearing a sporty outfit might suit many, but, unless you know what works for your body best, you might be in trouble. A sporty chic outfit will, for sure, make you ready to go, but you also want to feel good while doing so. Make use of your hot pants or an oversized sweater. Not only will they look awesome, but they’ll be comfortable to wear, as well. Sneakers are comfy, but you shouldn’t try to wear them with your more elegant outfits as you’ll end up looking sketchy.

A daring look


Unfortunately, fishnets are frowned upon in fashion, and unless you have a killer combo, it’ll be difficult to pull them off. However, recently, we’ve been seeing them everywhere paired with ripped jeans which may be a beginning of something pretty edgy. Nevertheless, try to make it your everyday wear by bringing together your outfit properly. Make sure to only give everyone a glimpse of them; that way, they become that mysterious part of your outfit that’s only barely visible but still intriguing enough. On the other hand, fishnet undershirts are a great way to spice up your outfit when you wish to seduce your date.

Bring back the ‘90s

The ‘90s were all about quirky outfits with plenty of colorful accessories. It’s exactly what you should strive for as well! It gives you the freedom to finally express yourself to be weird and not feel ashamed of it. However, it doesn’t mean that you should just mash up everything you have in your wardrobe. You still need to pay attention to color combination – otherwise, you’ll end up looking like a parrot.

Dress up


A dress is probably the most complicated item of clothing to incorporate into your everyday look. A quality dress has a certain elegance that doesn’t allow it to be combined with everything. Naturally, for all the girls out there who are dress lovers, it shouldn’t stop you from experimenting. You don’t have to go with just a dress; rather, combine it with various shirts, jackets and blazers. Wear bold makeup, and make your hair look fabulous with your natural hair color matching clip in hair extensions. Most dresses online are ahead of fashion and are putting together combos which are guaranteed to sweep you off your feet. Remember that a simple dress can become a killer piece that will hold your outfit together. Obviously, you shouldn’t forget a nice pair of shoes to top it all off.


The key to rocking a perfect look is to radiate with self-confidence, self-love and keep your head high!

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