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In the most dramatic finale of Bachelor Pad to date, viewers were handsomely rewarded with a bit of romance, drama (of course!), tears and a twist that not even Bachelor Pad 3 cast mates saw coming.

But first, let’s review what typically happens during the Bachelor Pad finale: The entire cast is reunited on the show, with all ousted cast members having the power to choose which of the remaining two couples have a chance at winning the $250,000 prize. The final couple then splits up, and each person chooses between a Share card or Keep card. If both choose Share, the couple evenly splits the prize money. If both choose Keep, then the money is spread out amongst the ousted cast members and the couple receives nothing.

Now here is where the rules get interesting: If one person of the pair chooses Share and the other chooses Keep, the person who chose Keep wins the entire pot of gold and essentially screws their partner over. In the last two seasons of Bachelor Pad, the final couple opted to split the money. No one predicted how this year’s finale would remind people just how much of a game Bachelor Pad really is.

The final two couples were Nick Petersen and Rachel Truehart vs. Chris Bukowski and Sarah Newlon. While Chris and Sarah formed an alliance toward the end of the season (which got him out of that ridiculous love triangle with Blakeley Jones and Jamie Otis—who was donning Princess Jasmine headgear during the finale, by the way), Nick and Rachel were partners by default, after a dramatic rose ceremony sent Erica Rose and Michael Stagliano (their respective partners) in limo rides home.

Rachel and Nick’s partnership definitely had its ups and downs. While they worked well at challenges, in between Nick had to keep Rachel’s head in the game after Michael was voted off. Outside of challenges, Rachel was seen on the phone with Michael, crying and claiming how much she wanted to leave since Michael wasn’t there.

Ladies, come on. If you were so close to winning $250,000 and the guy you liked was voted off the island so to speak, would you just let that prize money slip away? This is Bachelor Pad, not Alcatraz, and you can still see people after the show. She credits her BFF Jaclyn Swartz (who she helped vote off on the previous episode) with giving her the confidence to stick it out.

Once the final two couples were introduced, cast mates sounded off on their opinions of the pairs. Chris’ womanizing/douchebag behavior became a topic for discussion, and ultimately cost him and Sarah the prize. He apologized for his behavior and said his family expressed their disappointment in him, which hurt more than what anyone else can say. Jamie, as the vengeful ex-hookup, claimed Emily Maynard dodged a bullet by sending him home and that he would have never made a good dad to Emily’s daughter, Ricki. Chris, of course, thought that was unfortunate; Jamie, with her face bedazzled in stickers, seemed not over it.

In a landslide vote, Nick and Rachel were chosen as the final pair. Prior to the show, they discussed that they would share the prize, so it was no surprise when Rachel chose the Share card. However, before the finale aired, cast members viewed the previous two episodes that had yet to air (the finale was filmed a few weeks ago). In those episodes, Nick witnessed how upset Rachel was to be partnered with him and not Michael, that she was “backed into” the partnership and how it was Jaclyn and not him that kept her in the game.

Shocking cast members and receiving an uproar applause from the studio audience, Nick revealed his Keep card, taking ALL $250,000 and leaving Rachel with nothing but a broken heart and an empty bank account. Even Bachelor Pad’s newly single host Chris Harrison was speechless—and you know that guy has seen a lot of shit go down!

Was Nick right for taking all of the money? Should he have split the pot of gold with Rachel and been a gentleman about it? Or was this karma for Rachel choosing Chris and Sarah to bring to the finale and not her BFF Jaclyn and fan-favorite Ed Swiderski? Would you jeopardize a friendship and eliminate a best friend’s chances of winning a lottery if it meant you had a better chance of winning it all?

Those are some pretty hefty risks to take, and when the dice were rolled, the odds were not in Rachel’s favor. Bachelor Pad is a game; pure and simple. Sure, you can find love on there. But as Rachel learned the hard way, you should never invest your complete happiness in a guy—because in the end, you’ll be left sad and alone, and with no support (financial or emotional) to back you up.

I think that is such an important lesson to take away from here. Once Michael left (who, by the way, admitted he was not falling in love with Rachel and has since rekindled a long-distance relationship with a girl from Chicago he was dating prior to filming Bachelor Pad 3), Rachel should have focused and made the best out of her new partnership with Nick. Life will give you unexpected twists and turns, and it’s how you choose to respond to them that can lead to greater opportunities. If she kept her eye on the prize, her friend in the game and made the most out of her experience on the show, maybe she wouldn’t have left sobbing and stunned, but happy, smiling and $125,000 richer.

Nick definitely left with no regrets on taking the money; in fact, he spent most of Bachelor Pad 3 as the “sleeper” of the group, barely socializing with others and with little air time, and left looking like a Mafioso with a menacing smile. But he does have a few plans in place to put those winnings to good use: Nick and Chris Bukowski, along with a few other alumni from The Bachelorette, have teamed up with chef Dimitri Moshovitis to open a sports bar for women in Washington, D.C. The restaurant bar will feature a small-plates menu, cocktails—and hopefully Nick and Chris’ abs on the side!

While Nick may have stolen the show, here are some other noteworthy moments from the season finale of Bachelor Pad 3:

*Unlikely couple Blakeley Jones and Tony Pieper continued their romance off the small screen and announced they were moving in together. They both gushed about how much they love each other, and Tony took the stage to continue talking about how he instantly had a crush on her and worked to get out of the “friend zone” to acquire her love. He then bent down on one knee and proposed with a 2.5-carat Neil Lane sparkler. Jaws dropped from the audience and cast alike, and Blakeley said yes. She has now moved to the West coast and lives with Tony and his son. Is it weird that Bachelor Pad has produced more happy endings than the Bachelor/Bachelorette series?

*While no wedding bells are ringing for this couple, Kalon McMahon and Lindzi Cox are still an item. Erica, still not a fan of Kalon’s, warned Lindzi to watch out because she saw him mingling with an ex-girlfriend and getting close to other women out and about in Texas. Who knows what’s in store for these two, but there’s one thing you can count on: Kalon and Erica will most likely continue outing each other to the tabloids!

*As for Rachel and Jaclyn’s friendship, they seem to be friends again, posting pics of fun nights out on their Twitter and Instagram accounts. That just goes to show you how resilient a true friendship is. When your heart is broken and you have no money to spare, a real friend will snap you out of your spiral and remind you of how much you have to offer. The real test is, believing it yourself.

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