All the Ways Cycling is Beneficial to You

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All the Ways Cycling is Beneficial to You. According to the statistics, nine out of ten people start reaping the harvest of unhealthy lifestyle even before they get to their thirties. Since it’s been scientifically proven that daily physical activity can protect your health from the consequences of the hectic way of living, doctors constantly ask their patients to take up regular exercising. And what’s better than riding a bike? Not only is cycling such an easy, low impact exercise that almost everyone can perform, but it’s also favorable to both body and mind. Therefore, take a few minutes and read on all the ways cycling is beneficial to you. 

Cycling is beneficial for obesity 

Since cycling promotes muscle building, body fat burning and an improved metabolism, it represents an excellent way to lose weight. According to the study conducted in Britain, it’s possible to lose about 5kg of fat per year by pedaling for only half an hour every day. However, if you truly expect to reduce weight, you should combine regular cycling with a healthy eating program. 

Cycling is beneficial for the prevention of cardiovascular diseases 

Apparently, regular bike riding leads to a stronger heart muscle, lower resting pulse and reduced levels of fat in blood. Which means it’s a good preventive measure against the development of risk of cardiovascular diseases. Scientists at the University of Glasgow conducted a 5-year long study among more than 260, 000 subjects and discovered that people who commute to work by bicycle are twice less likely to develop the risk of heart disease or cancer. Therefore, it’s not surprising why the United Kingdom’s National Health Service listed cycling as one of the exercises they recommend for reducing risks of major illnesses.


Cycling is beneficial for lung health 

Although it might seem contradictory, recent study shows that bike riders are less exposed to hazardous fumes than other commuters. In the study which included a cyclist, a car driver, a pedestrian and a bus traveler, the cyclist was the one who experienced the lowest pollution levels. As bikers have to use bicycling lanes, they don’t directly inhale fumes from other vehicles. 


Cycling is beneficial for mental health 

As it was already mentioned, cycling isn’t favorable only to your physical health, but mental as well. Being an outdoor activity, it implies spending time in sunlight which triggers the production of serotonin a.k.a. the happiness hormone. For this reason, cycling is said to help people deal with depression. What is more, like any other mild or moderate exercise, riding a bike influences the production of endorphin – another positive hormone that fights stress and lifts your spirit. No wonder why doctors prescribe exercising as a form of the therapy for depression. 

Cycling is beneficial for stress reduction 

It’s common knowledge that stress can be the cause of many health problems – obesity, high cholesterol, diabetes, anxiety, Alzheimer’s disease, etc. However, luckily for all of us, cycling can help us stay away from them. Apart from the fact that it keeps our mind off the problems, it also makes us go outside in the sunlight which reduces the level of stress hormone – cortisol. So, next time you have some kind of problems, simply let your bike wind off your stressing thoughts. 


Cycling is beneficial for navigational skills 

Yes, cycling is a healthy and environmentally friendly way of transportation, but riding a bike through the city isn’t the only way you can enjoy this exercise. It would be even better if you had a chance to practice mountain biking. Not only will you spend time in nature and fresh air, but also have a chance to improve your navigational skills and spatial awareness. By exploring the new mountain cycling lanes, you’ll learn how to orient in the unfamiliar area. Although this kind of cycling requires the purchase of special gear such as strong and durable trekline mountain bike, it’ll undoubtedly pay off.


Cycling is beneficial for good night’s sleep 

You don’t have to be the rocket scientists to know that you sleep better when you tire your body out. However, the researchers from the University of Georgia have also proven it. They studied men and women between the ages of 20 and 85 for more than 35 years and noticed that fitness drop resulted in sleep problems. According to the authors, people most commonly start getting less fit when they’re 40-60 years old. And that’s the time when sleeping problems rise. So, when you start suffering from insomnia, just get on your bike and hit the road. 

As you can see, cycling has proven to be beneficial to you in so many ways. It’s easy, cheap and suitable for people of all ages. So, what’s your excuse for not doing it?


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