Adding Ads in Video Games…?

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News outlets are breaking the news: Sony has filed a patent that allows advertisements to run during video game play. Basically, whilst you’re playing, your game would “pause” for a while, and out pops a commercial that you’ll have to sit through. As if those loading screens aren’t pesty enough to interfere with the game play! Is playstation going to be a paystation?

Your game pauses and runs a commercial. Afterwards,  it’ll automatically rewind a couple seconds backwards so it doesn’t ruin the flow of the game – just in case it stopped you at a crucial moment. It’ll also probably be just for single-player mode.

I know that when we watch Television, it’s a landfill of commercials, even more so than ever. There are popup ads as you watch American Idol for Coke, there are movie ads as you watch America’s Got Talent. It’s fine. I get it. But for ads to enter our stream of gaming-magic? We pay $60 per game. It’s no different if we bought a DVD and out pops an ad while we watch it. This isn’t a free game through mobile apps or facebook. Now playstation just might enter the adware realm. Are we going to have to sit through ads for a game we paid good money for?

I sure hope not.

Ok, so there have always been (not-so) subliminal ads and such in the games. Remember Pizza Hut everywhere playing Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles at the arcade? All this stuff isn’t purely new. But hey, if you want us to sit through commercials, then why don’t we get the game for free? Free game = commercials. $60/per game and added commercials? No bueno.

Sony, please take a second before you make a mistake.

*photos courtesy of video game sites!

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  1. I could see this working in games like NASCAR racing and that ilk where it makes sense. I am just afraid of advertisements for gun manufacturers showing up Call of Duty style first person shooters. Its one thing if the games use the actually guns made by those manufactures, they don’t have put bill boards in the games themselves. Hopefully cooler heads will prevail here.

  2. p.s. To see the Exxon logo dropped into the above picture was very funny given the game depicted. If you put a Haliburton sign in there I would have been on the floor laughing.

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