All Hail the Men of Game of Thrones!

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Okay, I know I am wayyyy behind on this one, but I just finally started watching HBO’s Game Of Thrones.  WHERE THE HELL HAVE I BEEN?  Not only is the show captivating and the acting stellar, but they easily have the hottest ensemble of men on any current television programming.  And I thought The Tudors was full of eye candy!  Here are some images for your viewing pleasure, and ladies, if you don’t currently watch…trust me, it’s worth it.  Did I mention how often said men are half or mostly naked?  This will tide me over until Magic Mike hits theaters…

**** I attached a couple pictures of each dude so you can pick and choose!


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  1. Originalkitten says:

    You forgot Sam. He may not be everyone’s cup of tea but he’s still one of the main characters. You also forgot Tyrion. (Peter linkage)he may only be small but he’s gorgeous and also Joffrey – when he’s not an evil *fill in expletive here* he’s quite handsome. If you’re gonna do one you have to do all the main characters. There’s Littlefoot as well and Hound.

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