5 Ways to Beat Stress and Boost Happiness

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5 Ways to Beat Stress and Boost Happiness. We do what we can to maintain good health and keep all illnesses at bay. However, while doing everything necessary to maintain good physical health, we tend to forget our mental health and the harmful effects of stress on our bodies. Here are five things you can do to conquer stress and become a happier person.

Keep moving

If you’ve ever worked out, you know that wonderful feeling you get after you exercise. Physical activity will leave you refreshed and energized, in a great mood and with improved self-esteem. All of this happens because, during physical activity, your brain generates chemicals called dopamine and serotonin much faster than it does when you’re inactive. These chemicals lift your mood and make you happy. Another chemical your body produces in abundance when you exercise is endorphin, which encourages the feeling of satisfaction. And that’s not nearly all. When you work out, the levels of stress hormones, such as cortisol, tend to drop, allowing you more clear and positive thoughts. So, find the type of physical exercise that you like and work out daily, preferably in the morning, since that way you’ll increase your productivity for the whole day by boosting your mood and increasing your optimism before doing anything else.

Discover marijuana


Since 2012, when Colorado and Washington became the first two states to legalize marijuana, the demand for it has increased significantly. And it’s no surprise it has, since the health benefits are many, from treating chronic pain and glaucoma to helping control muscle spasms and epileptic seizures, just to name a few. Also, when consumed in moderate doses, marijuana decreases anxiety and helps you relax. It encourages the release of dopamine in your brain, which can make you more creative and improve your verbal fluency. It can help you eliminate nightmares and relieve you of stress. Nowadays it’s easy to find premium marijuana concentrates online. Even if you don’t enjoy smoking and the flavors and scents of cannabis, there are marijuana edibles you can get, which include gummies and quality chocolate for you to enjoy.

Find joy in the world

Unlike happiness, which can be a state that lasts over time, joy is something instant. It’s that rush we feel when we hear our favorite song, the way we light up when we see fireworks or that exhilaration we experience when we lift our heads after heavy rain and see a rainbow. Little things like jumping on a trampoline, hearing a baby laugh, or running under sprinklers may seem like a childish way to improve your mood, but if your inner child wants to rejoice, let them. Decorate your home to add some bright colors, plunge into the sea or a lake from a rock, sing like nobody’s listening and dance like nobody’s watching. Don’t be ashamed to scream or jump with joy, don’t suppress your laughter because you’re the only one laughing, but rather find the joy around you, let it take over you and express it freely and spontaneously.

Have sex


Having sex with your partner can lower your stress levels and make your mood more positive. This, however, works both ways. While sex does make you feel more uplifted and relaxed, the positive state of mind you have afterwards can cause you to engage in more sexual activities, which leads to even better mood, and so on. Orgasms free you from stress and relax your body while helping it release various hormones which are great for your overall health. The deep breathing during sex, as well as all the touching during your intercourse, lowers tension and manages stress. Also, while you’re having sex, your body produces more endorphins and many other feel-good hormones, which allow you to feel amazing long after the sexual activity.

Sleep well

Irregular sleep can cause negative emotions and stress, which is something you want to avoid. Not only should you get enough sleep, but that sleep should be restful, peaceful and uninterrupted. Make sure your bed is comfortable, that you sleep in a dark and quiet room and create a good bed routine, which will allow you to get about seven or eight hours of sleep every night. Go to bed and wake up at approximately the same time every day, including weekends, so that you don’t disrupt your routine. If you feel tired during the day, find some time for a nap, even if it’s just 10 or 15 minutes for a power nap, but make sure you’re well rested to avoid stress and remain positive.

Although it sometimes doesn’t appear so, beating stress isn’t that difficult. Just follow these awesome tips and you’ll be happy and stress-free in no time.


Guest Post by Luke Douglas 

Twitter: @mrlukeidouglas

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