5 Reasons Why Nurses are Real-Life Superheroes

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5 Reasons Why Nurses are Real-Life Superheroes. Nurses week is celebrated each year starting on May 6. This date was picked because it happens to be the birthday of Florence Nightingale — the founder of modern nursing. Though there is one week per year dedicated to celebrating nurses and all of their hard work and sacrifice, it really should be an all-year celebration. Though many professions exemplify many characteristics that are traditionally heroic, nurses have so many superpowers that it’s a wonder that a cape doesn’t come with their nursing scrubs. If you know a nurse, are a nurse, or have been a patient of a nurse, you know the truth: Nurses are real-life superheroes. This is why nurses deserve to be celebrated all year long.

They Can Fight Crime

There are many different types of nursing. There’s pediatric nursing, travel nursing, oncology nursing, and many other specialties available depending on each nurse’s interests and talents. However, there is also forensic nursing. Forensic nursing is the application of nursing for legal proceedings or scientific investigation of trauma or death related to criminal activity. Forensic nurses can work in a few different fields of forensic nursing, including as a sexual assault nurse examiner, nurse death investigator, or a forensic psychiatric nurse, to name a few. The work that these nurses do literally helps to fight crime and solve cases.

They Have Super Healing Powers

Healing powers are definitely a sign of superhero abilities. For nurses, their priority is the ability to heal. No matter their specialty, they are educated on how to help those who are sick, injured, or in pain. Nurses spend a lot of time long past graduating and completing certifications staying up to date on medical procedures, new techniques, and state-of-the-art technology to help their patients. 

Not only are they dedicated to helping those who are in need, but they are also passionate about preventative healthcare. They play an important role in preventative services, identifying at-risk patients, and educating people on why preventative care is important. Before you’re sick, while you’re sick, and after you’re sick, nurses are there using their healing powers. 

They Are Brave

The healthcare field is not one for the timid, and nurses show courage in many areas of their career. Many situations that a nurse is put into at work include making fast-paced decisions, being able to handle chaos, and making calls that can affect the life of another. 

Not only that, but many nurses are called to the line of duty when they aren’t even at work. There are many instances of nurses jumping to help someone who is in peril while out in their normal lives. Nurses are literally on the front lines when it comes to healthcare. This bravery saves lives. 

They Are Selfless

Truthfully, nursing is a rewarding but strenuous career choice. It’s not a 9 to 5, it’s not easy, and it requires a lot of time dedicated to the job. This means long hours away from families, aching feet, sore muscles, working odd hours, minimal time for social activities, and missing important events — not to mention the cold meals, minimal pee breaks, and the sometimes less-than-glamorous job duties. To be a nurse, you have to love it. You have to be willing to make those sacrifices. 

Thankfully, nurses are selfless. Many nurses spend time volunteering, helping those who are less fortunate, and helping out with natural disasters. Superheroes are selfless, and so are nurses. 

They Are Strong

Being a nurse requires both physical and emotional strength. The job is physically demanding with nurses being required to lift patients, spend a lot of time on their feet, and performing physically demanding procedures. On the other hand, the job requires a lot of emotional strength. 

Nurses are taught how to separate the patient from the job they are doing, but emotional distance isn’t always easy to maintain. Not only that, but being on a friendly level with patients sometimes helps the patients as much as the nurses. Nurses can get more out of treating a patient and patients can have more trust in their nurses if they are personable. However, losing patients can take a toll. For nurses, their strength is paramount in keeping their patients safe. 

There are many attributes that make up a superhero. They fight crime, some have the ability to heal, they are brave, they are selfless, and they are strong. Nurses exemplify these characteristics. There may be one week per year where we celebrate nurses and all of their super powers, but their sacrifices last throughout the year. For this reason, nurses truly are real-life superheroes. 


Guest Post by Chelsy Ranard 

Twitter:  @Chelsy5

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