5 Reasons Why Outdoorsy Men Are The Best Men

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I think it’s obvious, but maybe not everyone feels this way. Please, allow me to explain. The men who can take care of business in the great outdoors are the best men to keep around for the long haul:

  1. They’re self-sufficient. Ever dated a guy who could barely do his own laundry? Yeah, me too. I’m pretty sure we all have. I’m not about to become my boyfriend’s second mom – I’m so not down with that. Men who spend time out in the wilderness can take care of themselves. They don’t have a choice. They have to learn survival skills and put them to use regularly. They behave like grown-ass men.
  2. They appreciate simplicity. Spending time out in nature is all about noticing the little things. You complete one task at a time. There’s no rush to get anywhere or do anything. These guys know how to sit back, take it all in, and enjoy their surroundings. They truly listen and focus on you when they’re with you. It’s refreshing.
  3. They don’t care about material things. The man who travels in the back country understands that life is about experiences, not possessions. He values conversation and connection. He doesn’t need to bury his nose in his phone or sit around watching his expensive television. All he needs is a great campfire, a beautiful night sky, and the pleasure of your company.
  4. They’re endlessly interesting. Because they are always venturing out into the wild, these men have great stories. They are genuinely engaged in everything they do which makes them extremely rewarding to be around. They aren’t afraid to jump in, try new things, and venture out to new places. Life with them will always be an amazingly rewarding good time.
  5. They truly value the world – and you. The people you meet in the wilderness will always be the best, kindest, most authentic people you know. Nature draws good humans who value the preciousness of our delicate earth. A man who recognizes and loves the beauty of nature also has the emotional depth and maturity to appreciate a good woman when he has one. He will hold on to you tight and never let you go – so grab yourself a mountain man and look forward to many nights snuggled up together under the stars.

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Amy Horton
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