4 Signs Your Man Has Let Himself Go (And What To Do About It)

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Love and relationships are about more than physical attraction and being on your best behavior. In fact, is essential that you both relax into being a couple. However, there is a difference between relaxing and giving up altogether and letting yourself go. After all, he wouldn’t expect you to do it, so why should you be OK with him doing it? With that in mind, check out the info below on how to tell if your man has let himself go, and you can even get some advice on how to (tactfully) ask him to step his game up.


He no longer hides his gross habits.


We all have our little idiosyncrasies. However, if you man is picking his nose and eating it at the dinner table, passing wind in when you are walking around high-end stores, or chewing his toenails in front of your parents when they come to visit, it may be time to have a quiet word in his ear.


Obviously, the way you approach this situation can affect the outcome so instead of pointing out exactly how disgusting he is right off the bat, why not be a little more subtle instead? You could mention how icky you find it when someone else does it, or how it turns you off in ‘that way.’ Be sure to focus on the behavior and don’t make it about him as a person though!


He has grown a spare tire.


Weight in relationships is a tricky issue as it can affect physical attraction and health. However, it can also be a sore subject for both men and women and whether or not you can discuss things openly very much depend on the type of relationship you are in.


A good rule of thumb to go by is that if he expects you to maintain a specific weight and physical appearance, then you can do the same for him.


Of course, it’s always better to approach this issue from a health perspective. You can even ask him to help you eat a healthier diet and include more exercise by doing these things together, as then is seem more like you are working a team rather than just all out criticizing your man.


There is more salt than pepper in his locks.


Some guys suit that silver fox look, check out the example in the Lenor advert below as evidence. However, other men can’t pull it off so well, and if you have noticed that you fella has a little more salt than pepper in his hair, then it may be time to ask him to do something about it.



Of course, guys aren’t so used to dying their hair as us girls, and it may be that your man has never had any experience doing so. This can make him worried about the process and the results. Luckily some bright spark in the hair industry has realized this and have come up with super easy to use products like Regaine Foam that are both simple to apply and create a looking neural result. Something that will make it much easier to convince you fella to rid himself of all those greys.


His feet stink!


Smelly feet are pretty gross, and if your other half’s trotters smell like vinegar or cheese, it can put you off your food, let alone anything else. If this is an issue that you are experiencing the first thing to do is establish whether it’s a hygiene problem or something more complicated.


If it’s a hygiene issue encouraging your man to change his socks more often, wash his feet, and treat his shoes with deodorizing spray should help you to get better results.


However, if you try this and it doesn’t seem to make much of a difference you may need to look at the situation together in a bit more detail. For example, it may be that your man needs to wear natural cotton socks instead of synthetic ones to allow his feet to breathe, or it may be that he is suffering from an infection like athletes foot that can contribute to that nasty smell.



If the latter is the case, then you will be pleased to know what they are all sorts of over the counter medications available for this condition. For best results be sure to pick out a dual action cream that will help kill the fungus and reduce any inflammation that may be itchy or painful for him.


Whatever you do though, don’t let it go, if you man has let himself go, because the longer you leave it, the harder it will be to resolve in the future!

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