Funny And Unusual Condoms Packagings3
Buying Condoms: A Guide for the Ladies
by Amy Horton

Yes, I know – men should probably be buying their own condoms.  It is a courtesy and a guy should have one on him if he expects to be graced … Read More

No Naked Pictures, Please
by Luchana Gatica

It has come to my attention that everyone in the world is sending and receiving naked pictures via text. Everyone except me, believe it or not. Don’t get me wrong, … Read More

Haters Gon’ Hate: My Experience With Internet Trolls
by Amy Horton

You may not know this, but I have a YouTube channel. A tongue-in-cheek sex advice YouTube channel. It’s slowly but steadily growing, and as you can imagine, this means the … Read More

Anal sex. Yeah, I went there.
by Amy Horton

Apparently everyone is talking about it lately. We aren’t shy here, right? So either people are doing more of it or just being more open about it. You won’t know … Read More

Walk of Shame
Is it still called the “Walk of Shame” if you don’t have sex?
by Stefanie Seifer

And by sex I mean hook-up! Last night I slept at a guy’s house who I used to have sex with. We are awesome together…get along great…great chemistry….but for some … Read More

He's Just Not That Into You
Dating Mathematics: Are we…Dating? In a Relationship? Friends with Benefits? Just hooking-up? Do we even know anymore?
by Stefanie Seifer

It has been brought up to my attention that there may be a lack of correct terminology when defining a relationship…or lack thereof.  After a small debacle in a car … Read More

Sexual Surrogate Partner?
by Kimlai Yingling

When the girls and I were throwing around blog ideas for Dirty and Thirty a hot topic was Sexual Surrogacy. I had never heard of it and my first thought … Read More

Are Your Hormones Keeping You Lonely?
by Kimberly Jessy

I won’t say any names, but there is a lot of buzz in Hollywood about a certain couple that are back and forth in an alleged abusive relationship. I won’t … Read More

The Dos and Don’ts of Naughty Talk
by Ande Lyons

Naughty words… do you use them when you make love? If so, then you already know that naughty words spoken in the right way at the right moment… are an … Read More

Valentine’s Day Sex Playlist
by Moremi Okoroh

Since I’m without a valentine this year, I decided to help out my ladies who will be getting some with a few tunes to set the mood.  So here is … Read More