5 Quotes That Prove Donald Trump Is A Bigoted Blowhard
5 Quotes That Prove Donald Trump Is A Bigoted Blowhard
by Amy Horton

I’m not confused as to how Donald Trump became a Presidential candidate – he has more money than all the Kardashians combined. (Actually, that may be untrue.) It does baffle … Read More

The 15 Most Common Mistakes Done By Nannies
by dirtyandthirty

The nanny profession is full of challenges. No matter how experienced you are, you can never be sure that you’re never going to make any mistakes, albeit inadvertently. Anticipating the … Read More

GBK sets the bar | Ushering in awards season’s most coveted invite: Gifting Suites
by Carolina Bonetti

Every year celebs await one of their most anticipated traditions: Gifting Suites. The Emmy’s kicks off awards season every year, and this year GBK sets yet another high bar as … Read More

Mean Girls Cast
The 10 Best ‘Mean Girls’ Quotes
by Stuart Brazell

It is SO crazy that we are celebrating the 10 Year Anniversary of the cult classic film ‘Mean Girls’! This movie shot Lindsay Lohan into super stardom, put Tina Fey … Read More

by Tiffany Angulo

October is Pumpkin Latte season! Women everywhere are hitting up the local Starbucks to get their hands on this seasonal staple. Want to make your own at home? Check out … Read More

Babies, Babies Everywhere!
by Amy Horton

I swear that in the past month, every single one of my Facebook friends had a baby. It’s bizarre. All of the sudden my feed is inundated with pictures of … Read More

Confessions Of A Travel Addict – Climbing (And Surviving) Mount Whitney
by Jasmin De Main

This summer I completed the hardest challenge I have ever given myself physically and mentally after three months of training- I climbed Mount Whitney -the highest trail and mountain in … Read More

Plyometric Exercises
“Plyo-what?” Get Shredded with Plyometrics
by Jill Anenberg

Does the breakdance move “the worm” count as a workout?! I say heck yes! In this video I cover my Top 5 favorite plyometric moves to increase strength, power and … Read More

The Ultimate Bucket List for the Twenteens
by Ashley Sotelo

Yes, we know how it feels to be in the early twenties—the thrill of being young and free and the fear that you’ll end up wasting away your years. Add … Read More

I dated a younger guy solely to learn proper emoji etiquette
by Danielle Sepulveres

“I downloaded Snapchat,” I confessed. His eyes lit up and he smiled, “I’m so proud of you!” “But then I deleted it.” His smile faded and he shook his head … Read More


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