Orphan Black is Back on April 18th! Watch the Brand New Teaser Here!
by Stuart Brazell

Attention all Orphan Black fans and #CloneClub members!! BBC America released a new teaser for season three of Orphan Black, which shows Tatiana Maslany as Cosima, Sarah, Helena, and Alison … Read More

Gorgeous Beach in Summertime
At What Age Do You Start Standing Up for Yourself?
by Lisa U

I’m a very passive person. I’ve always been. I try to avoid conflict whenever possible. I’m my father’s daughter, what can I say? Both him and I are observers of … Read More

This is what being married over the holidays really looks like!
by dirtyandthirty

Being married for the holidays is great….right? Rebecca Zamolo and Matt Yoakum just got married and are already feeling the pressure that goes along with marriage. From shopping, to your … Read More

Auntie Anne & Tay
Christmas In Comparison
by LeeAnne Hendricks

I’m up in Chico spending the holidays with my family, including three very special/super awesome little girls (my nieces). My six year old niece, Taylor, decided to help her Auntie … Read More

The Sony Hack: The Dirty on how Hollywood really thinks
by Moremi Okoroh

As an actor and lover of good gossip I’m split on how I should feel about this Sony hack. The coverage I’ve been seeing seems mainly based off how it … Read More

Yes, 30 is the New 20! And Here’s Why
by Cassie Brewer

They say age is nothing but a number, and they’re spot on! When you hit your thirties, you don’t need to feel that it’s showing on your face. By learning … Read More

Should We Listen to Cosmo?
by Haley DePass

Cosmopolitan magazine is one of the most notorious women’s magazines in the past 50 years. It was to many of us girls, what Playboy was for most boys. As a … Read More

2015 Golden Globe Awards
Lots of Familiar Names Are Favored to Win This Year at the 2015 Golden Globe Awards
by Stuart Brazell

I’m not one to sit at a blackjack table or bet on a sports game, but I am intrigued by entertainment related betting! The nominees for the 72nd Annual Golden Globe … Read More

Obamacare: My Personal Experience
by Amy Horton

It seems that by now, most people are realizing that Obamacare isn’t this wonderful cure-all that it was touted to be. We were slightly forewarned, but as the new sign-up … Read More

A Letter to Santa Claus…From a Jewish girl
by Deborah Gross

Dear Mr. Santa Claus, I have never written a letter like this in my life. The main reason being is, well, I’m Jewish.  So I bet you’re asking, why? Or … Read More


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