Don Draper, Sober?
by Amy Horton

The biggest entertainment news of the past few days is that Jon Hamm just got out of a month-long stint in rehab. A: obviously Kim K. didn’t post any Insta … Read More

Goodbye, Zayn Malik
by Aurora Rodriguez

Today my heart was broken significantly once I heard Zayn Malik was leaving One Direction. As some of you might recall, my first blog with Dirty and Thirty was about … Read More

The Gasp
The Gasp – How Not To Respond To Dual Career Family’s Choices
by Erin Dwyer Paglione

I’ve been meeting with tons of people these past few months.  Realtors, interior designers, contractors, stagers, inspectors, and of course, business partners in my daily work life.  For whatever reason, … Read More

Listening to Your Inner Voice
by Aurora Rodriguez

This past weekend I headed over to Atlanta, Georgia for the first time. There, I bonded with fellow Where Atlanta editor and friend Michelle Khouri. Although I love South Florida, … Read More

Broken Heart? Take a Road Trip
by Danielle Sepulveres

Last year I discovered the experience that is the life changing road trip. Until this particular trip down the California coast, my knowledge was mostly relegated to shorter trips from … Read More

nike jump
by Tiffany Angulo

Happy spring equinox, goodbye winter! Let’s keep those fitness and health goals in check! Here’s a fun cardio tabata to get your body jumpin’ and that heart pumpin’! Add it … Read More

Pick up your brush and PAINT your life.
by Sarah Agajanian

Whatever colors you desire are yours. There are so many things in this world that tell us we CANNOT or we are not good enough. Ignore all of those petty … Read More

wedding  planning woes
Wedding Planning Woes
by Paige Sullivan

You hit a certain age and it seems as though everyone that you know is getting engaged or married. Everyone is smiling and celebrating but they forget the hard work … Read More

How To Make Green Beer For Dummies on St. Patrick’s Day
by Stuart Brazell

Did I mention this was for dummies? Because I clearly added too much green food coloring, so don’t do what I did and use a dropper! Here’s what you need: … Read More

Stuart Brazell's Favorite Things in March
My Favorite Things in March: DSTLD Jeans, Get Your Phil and La Vie Boheme Yoga
by Stuart Brazell

Now that we’ve all officially sprung forward, it’s time to get excited about Spring!!!  I am indeed spoiled by living in Los Angeles, hey those nights when it drops to … Read More


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