Demand A Cure And A Cause
by Emily Harrison

Late October is synonymous with a lot of things, like pumpkin spiced candles and discounts on bulk candy. It’s also synonymous with unsold breast cancer awareness products crowding the clearance … Read More

Stamp of Approval
by Paige Sullivan

When is it that we as women officially get the stamp of approval stating we are adults? Do I have to be married? Have a great job? Or is it … Read More

Save a Slut
Save A Slut
by dirtyandthirty

Thank you for logging on to to save a slut today. Please send us an email at & inlcude which slut you want to save. We will send you your … Read More

Sugar, Spice and Mexican Food: My Fun Afternoon with The Book of Life Movie!
by Stuart Brazell

I’ve never been one to turn down dinner and a good movie, especially when Channing Tatum is involved.  Of course, when I was invited to get a sneak peek at … Read More

Halloween Prep! 20 Minute Workout
by Tiffany Angulo

We are about halfway through the month which means Halloween is almost here! Whether you’re dressing up as something funny, sexy, or cute…let’s get a our workouts in so we … Read More

Touch Your Boobies for Breast Cancer Awareness Month!
by Stuart Brazell

Touch your boobies for breast cancer awareness month! I was so thrilled to be invited to be a part of web-celeb Taryn Southern’s latest viral video “Touch Your Boobies” for … Read More

Sci-Fi’s ‘Extraterrestrial’ Movie Review
by Moremi Okoroh

With it being October or as I like to call it “Scary Movie Month,” I was truly hoping that this movie would deliver in all that we would expect from … Read More

no need to dress like a slut on halloween
No Need to Dress “Slutty” on Halloween
by Lisa U

Halloween has been one of my favorite holidays since I was a kid. I just love the decorations, the fun, and the candy. Mini-size candy bars are practically heaven ;o) … Read More

The other woman
Confronting The Other Woman
by Carolina Bonetti

Why do people cheat? I mean it, I think cheating on someone is possibly the most heinous psychological crime you can commit against someone you love. I never make a … Read More

#TurnipForWhat is Trending Thanks To First Lady Michelle Obama
by Stuart Brazell

Only the First Lady could possibly make #TurnipForWhat a trending topic! And since it is Wednesday, I felt it fitting to make Michelle Obama my official #WomanCrushWednesday! It takes a … Read More