Why You’re Doing Activewear All Wrong

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Your activewear basically deserves its own separate wardrobe. We all know the importance of looking fly at the gym, especially when it comes to your #gymbunny Insta photos. But sometimes, looking good comes at the expense of feeling good too. Here’s where you’re going wrong with your activewear (and how to fix it too).

Cotton fabric

There are dozens of places selling clothes marketed as activewear, but actually being anything but. Take a look at your favorite sports tee now and see what it’s actually made of. If the label says 100% cotton, then it’s time to ditch it.

Cotton is often hailed as the perfect choice for activewear because they smell less than artificial fabrics. But while you might stink a little less, cotton is actually super-absorbent. As a result, it can make your workout that much harder by weighing you down with a sweaty tee.

On top of that, damp clothing can increase the chances of bacteria growing, which in turn can result in you developing a fungal infection. Instead, stick to sweat-wicking fabrics such as bamboo or spandex when choosing your sportswear.

Your bra

It’s easy to turn up to the gym wearing your regular old day-to-day bra — maybe you haven’t got one, maybe it’s laundry day, or maybe you just simply forgot. You feel fine during your workout, so what’s the problem?

But continued use of a regular bra can actually increase your chances of developing back and shoulder pain after your workout. And even if you do use a sports bra, there are lots of cheap brands that either don’t work or wear out quickly, causing just as much damage.

Instead, try wearing a high impact sports brathat is built to last, such as the Catalyst from Knix. Their sports bra is designed to protect your body before, during, and after your workout.


Not wearing makeup to the gym might seem like an absolutely abhorrent choice for many of you reading this — you’d rather not go at all than go “naked”.

But it should go without saying that wearing makeup during your workout is terrible for your skin. When you exercise, you obviously sweat heavily. And when you’re wearing makeup, this can result in a build-up of oil and dirt underneath.

This in turn can aggravate your skin, and increase your chances of developing acne. Even a light layer of foundation is enough to restrict your pores and cause unsightly spots from appearing on your skin.

Just as you should take your makeup off when you go to sleep, you should also remove every last bit of it when you work out too. The only person you need to impress when you’re exercising is yourself!

Exercise isn’t about looking good in the short-term, it’s about feeling good in the long-term. Your activewear plays a vital role in helping you get the most from your workout, so be smart and dress wisely!

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