Wi Spa Korean Spas in Koreatown, Los Angeles

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Come with me as we explore the WiSpa (Korean Spas). It’s 48,000 sq. feet of spa and relaxation services. 5 different salt and clay rooms, relaxation area, saunas, cold and hot pools, deep tissue massages, body scrubs, showers, restaurant and an internet area.

This is definitely world class spa services all under one roof.

Kimlai Yingling
Kimlai is the creator of EatinAsian.com and RoKi Productions. EatinAsian has fierce recipes, restaurant reviews, quirky "how to" videos & insight into a culture that is often misunderstood.

Before EatinAsian Kimlai wrote, produced and hosted weekly video webcasts based on entrepreneurial topics for Entrepreneur Magazine and PerfectBusiness.com targeting the x and y generations. She also co-wrote and hosted two video training courses; How to write an effective business plan and How to use PR to promote your business.

Her passion is cooking. "My mom and I have been cooking in the kitchen together for years. I’ve always had an interest in the cuisine and culture of Vietnam but it became a full-fledged obsession when my mom felt it was a good idea for me to learn how to create her food in the event that, if she were not around, I would know how to make her healthy & yummy cuisine. Otherwise I would never eat Vietnamese food again, except for rice paper (rice paper is to Asians what a tortilla is to Latinos) unless I went to a restaurant. Cooking your own food is all about being self sufficient and everyone knows no ones cooking is better than mom’s home cooking, no matter what nationality you are. I’m finding that the more knowledgeable I become with ingredients and cooking styles the higher my expectations are when I go out to eat at other restaurants and when I’m cooking for family and friends. My palate has definitely become more sophisticated". My passion is what created EatinAsian.com. My love for writing, producing and hosting is what created RoKi Productions.

Kimlai has a bachelor degree in Communications with a minor in Psychology from Washington State University. She is registered with the California Special Olympics organization and currently resides in Los Angeles, CA.

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