You vs Acne: The Weapons At Your Disposal

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Acne isn’t just for the young, I’m afraid. Many adults continue to suffer from it beyond their 20s. It’s unfair, it’s horrible… but that’s life. And science.

We’re going to assume that you’ve already tried sleeping more, eating healthier and drinking more water. Here some more advanced tips for you in your seemingly never-ending battle against acne!

Foundation – good or bad?

Many in the skincare business claim that the use of foundation clogs your pores and suffocates your skin. It makes sense when you put it like that, right? But the negative effects are greatly exaggerated. The problem comes when we don’t use the foundation that’s suitable for our skin.

It’s often forgotten that not all foundations are the same. Sure, we usually tell them apart by what we perceive to be their quality, as well as their prices. But in general, it’s thought that pretty much any foundation will do for anyone’s skin, as long as the tone matches. But the fact is that everyone’s skin is different, and that foundation will affect skins in different ways.


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All of this being said, putting on too much makeup and leaving it on too long can cause problems. If you have acne problems, then it’s advisable that you wash your face a few times a day. And if you’re wearing a lot of makeup, then the washing of your face is going to be less effective. That is, if you even find yourself willing to wash your face when you’re wearing makeup!

Covering it up… responsibly

But sometimes you’ve just got to cover it up. Yeah, I know I just said all that stuff about the negative effects of makeup. But sometimes the social pressure is too much. Sometimes you’ve just got to say “I don’t care what you think, I’m gonna go ahead and care what other people think!”.

But how do you cover up problems without causing more problems? In fact, how do you even cover it up at all? You may have noticed that the skin affected by acne tends to be shiny and smooth. Those sound like the kind of words that signal a good thing in the world of beauty. But what this means is that they’re very difficult to cover up with something like foundation. That smoothness makes it very hard for foundation to stick to it effectively. And that shininess makes it stick out even when you manage to get the foundation to stay on!


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Thankfully, the answer to both those problems may be found within the same method. If you put something protective over the area before applying the foundation, then a double purpose can be served. That initial coating, once dry, can help the foundation stick on properly. It prevents the makeup getting all up in that area and inflaming the problem. And if you use the right coating, it can actually help fight the problem. A coating with aloe vera, or another antibacterial substance, will work its magic while providing a barrier for your skin.

Dermabrasion invasion

Wait, what the heck is dermabrasion? It has a name that could be best described as gnarly. It reminds me of the word abrasive and of abrasions. Which doesn’t make it sound that pleasant, to be honest. But if you’re having these thoughts, it means you’re misunderstanding dermabrasion altogether. It also means you’re probably underestimating it.


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Derma, of course, comes from dermis, meaning skin. Abrasion simply means “rubbing away with friction” (although it does also refer to nasty scratches). So dermabrasion treatment refers to something that’s very good for people with acne problems. It’s a vigorous cleaning treatment that forcefully rids of your skin of several unhealthy elements.

Dermabrasion can refer to one of two things. There’s one method of doing it, which involves going to a doctor and having the professional treatment in a clinical environment. There are obviously some advantages to this, but the pricing of this process can often be quite prohibitive. The alternative is something like Diamond dermabrasion, which is a care product you can use at home to much the same effect.

The magic pill

Many a word has been written about how great the pill is. It’s fame is such that, despite the fact that there are a million different pills out there, you know what I’m talking about when I write the pill. It’s the pill. I speak, of course, of the contraceptive pill.


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The use it was designed for makes it magic in its own right. But it’s used by so many women for reasons outside birth control. It can help ease the pains of our menstrual cycles, and has been used to treat severe medical conditions like PCOS. It even reduce the risk of ovarian cancer. But it’s also been used for decades as a treatment for mild to moderate acne. It’s actually been prescribed as an acne treatment by doctors; it’s not some secret that only its users are privy to!

Despite all of this, it should be pointed out that our bodies are all different. I have at least one friend who reported that they felt their skin had gotten worse when they started taking the pill. So don’t go taking it thinking it’s guaranteed the problem. And even if there is an improvement, it’s unlikely to kill the issue once and for all.


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Accutane : worth the pain?

Accutane, Roaccutane, isotretinoin… it’s known under a few names. It’s perhaps the most controversial of all the acne treatments out there. If you’ve got it really bad, then accutane is absolutely worth looking into. When all other treatments have failed, accutane has provided the solution that many people were hoping for. But it’s a drug you should approach with caution.


The most famed problem with accutane is its link to birth defects. If it’s used during pregnancy or close to a pregnancy, it can cause severe problems. This was discovered soon after the drug’s introduction in the 1980s, to the heartbreak of many women. Another problem is that the drug has been linked to severe depression as well as suicide. People who have problems with depression are usually advised to stay away from accutane. It’s worth noting that this latter effect is relatively rare. However, tragic outcomes have occurred enough that it is always worth mentioning when speaking of the drug.

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So that last paragraph was a bit of a downer… sorry about that! Quick, check out this article about Tinder disasters to cheer yourself up!

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