Unleash Your Inner Rocker Girl!

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Wanna have a bit more fun with your fashion?  Then unleash your inner rocker girl and let ‘er rip!

Being a southern girl, I’m accustomed to pretty much living in dresses, heels and keeping myself well put together.  So everyone once in a while I like to play dress up and do something totally crazy and different!  Putting together a ‘Rocker Girl’ look is SO much fun and totally doable no matter where you live.  And this is a look that can absolutely go over on a Saturday night if you are hitting the town and up for adventure 🙂

First thing you need is attitude!  And nothing screams attitude like a sexy leather jacket and some fierce hair and make-up.  As you can see in the picture, I went total Gwen Stefanie in the hair department and played up my eyes with smokey brown-green shadow.  The jacket I scored at Wasteland on Melrose, which is actually a thrift store.  I used to have a total aversion to thrift stores – I couldn’t stand the smell or the thought of wearing someone else’s clothes.  But I made myself get over it!  Thrift stores are gold mines!  I paired the jacket with an old t-shirt and electric blue jeans, which are very in right now and quite versatile.  Finally, the heels are by Avril Lavigne and I got them at DSW for half off.  They are red plaid with funky spikes and super high … and badass!!

When you do something completely different than your usual style you just might notice a little change in your personality.  So live ladies and have fun with fashion!  Don’t be afraid to take chances!  And most importantly, don’t feel like you have to head to the mall if you want to switch things up.  You might be surprised what you have hiding away in the back of your very own closet 🙂

Feel free to tweet me if you have any questions or ideas for new looks!

xoxoxo Stuart Brazell


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  1. Herb Edwards says:

    I really love this look. You are edgy and sexy. Now lets go party. 🙂

  2. I know right – I’m down! 🙂

  3. Herb Edwards says:

    I dont know if I could keep up with you Stuart. haha

  4. Amy says:

    I love it! I love to pull out the rocker look on a party night, feels sexy and funky! 🙂

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