Five Tips For Floating in the Dead Sea

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My two week long trip to Israel was by far one of the most incredible trips I’ve ever taken! There was SO much history and SO many highlights, but by far one my most unique experiences was  Floating in the Dead Sea.

For those of you who living under a rock, the Dead Sea is the lowest point on earth below sea level.  Basically the amount of water that evaporates from it is greater than that which flows into it, so that means that this water has the highest concentration of salt in the world.

It is called the Dead Sea because there is so much salt that nothing can live in it.  On the other hand, all that salt provides tremendous relief to many travelers from all over the world who come here to benefit from its healing properties.  And to my ladies, there are some amazing skin care products and natural mud pits – so rub that mud all over and get DIRTY!

1.  Do not shave within 24 hours of getting in the Dead Sea

2. Wear a ton of sunscreen – seriously, lather up … you will get tan!

3. Wear flip flops upon entering the Dead Sea.  You are literally walking on golf ball sized salt rock and those bitches hurt!

4.  Under no cirumstance should you put your head under water.  Salt in your eye … need I say more?

5.  Do not take a tinkle, it will be burn.

And here is the video from my Dead Sea experience:

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  1. Amelia says:

    This is on my life to-do list! Thanks for the tips!

  2. Yeah, the physics of the water is something else. Glad to see you two are having fun and enjoy your vacation.

  3. Totally on my bucket list too – quite an experience!

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