The Ultimate Guide to the Sexiest Shoe Trends

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The Ultimate Guide to the Sexiest Shoe Trends

According to Christian Louboutin, one of the most controversial shoe designers in the world, shoes lift us both physically and emotionally – by transforming our body language and attitude. Bearing that in mind, we can conclude that shoes are more than some irrelevant items that protect our feet – creating a perfect pair is actually more like art.

Keep reading and find out about six hottest models that are made for much more than just walking!

Velvet, velvet everywhere

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As you may already know, velvet is a huge hit in the fashion industry these days – not only when it comes to shoes. Apart from looking very sophisticated and elegant, shoes made from this material also have an authentic vintage vibe. Stella McCartney, Prada, and Jimmy Choo are just some of the names that incorporated this wonderful fabric into their collections. One thing is certain – these have already become an integral part of every fashionista’s wardrobe!

Exclusive sculptural heels

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Luxurious shoes have never been so extravagant before, and let’s put it this way – they’ve never looked that weird, either! Dolce & Gabbana presented their runway collection that was inspired by Cinderella and Prince Charming – and the rest is history! Their heels, embellished with stunning jewels, brilliantly composed in order to resemble a chandelier, completely stole the show! Marni and Miu Miu also follow this intriguing heel-shaping trend, and there is much more to come in the following seasons.

70s with a twist

70s-with-a-twistimage source

If you think that you’ve seen enough, boy, are you wrong! 70s have never been more wearable, thanks to Balenciaga, Marc Jacobs, and Maison Margiela, who pushed this trend forward and raised the bar to a completely new level. If you remember David Bowie’s daring look that accompanied the release of The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders from Mars, you know what we’re talking about! Sky-high platforms are the thing in the fashion industry right now, and their bizarre proportions actually make them so breathtaking!

Block heels on point

block-heels-on-pointimage source: 1, 2, 3, 4

Some of the world’s most prominent designers haven’t forgotten to incorporate the timeless block heel into their latest collections, and the reasons are more than obvious. First of all, it’s way more comfortable than a stiletto – it helps us maintain the balance and good posture, while rocking these stylish shoes. Not only that, but block heels are a fashionable alternative for the previously mentioned stilettos – these will allow you to stay trendy and up-to-date, without having to sacrifice comfort! Does it get better than that? We don’t think so! Neither do Valentino, Victoria Beckham, and Tommy Hilfiger.

Borrowed from the guys

borrowed-from-the-guysimage source: 1, 2, 3, 4

Menswear-inspired shoes have been a huge trend last season, and these are still rocking the world of fashion. Brogues, loafers, oxfords – just name it! Even though you may think that they are too masculine, trust us, that is not the case. These models have been completely transformed by introducing metallics, platforms, and chunky heels. Prada, Stuart Weitzman, and Michael Kors came up with the most amazing boyish shoes you simply have to have! On the other hand, H&M offers much more affordable models you’ll adore.

Exquisite ballerina flats

exquisite-ballerina-flatsimage source: 1, 2, 3, 4

Last but not least, there are stunning ballerina flats that’ll leave you completely breathless this fall. According to many, these are a symbol of femininity and elegance. However, this season brings an unexpected twist – a good pair of ballerinas can be considered a key part of a sexy, edgy look fashion-forward girls are striving for. First seen on the Milan runway, Valentino shoes resemble real ballet flats for true ballerinas. Made from cracked glossed-leather, complemented with an ankle strap and gunmetal chains, these are an epitome of a ladylike style that collided with a bold rock’n’roll look. You won’t regret if you decide to try these babies out!

When it comes to shoe game, everything has clearly become much more innovative this season. Crazy heel shapes, over-the-top embellishments, luxurious materials, and astonishing models are the proof that shoes are definitely meant for much more than walking. These are true masterpieces signed by the most prominent fashion houses, and you won’t make a mistake whichever pair you opt for.

You deserve to feel sexy no matter what!

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