The Coachella Fashion Guide for the Ultimate Festival Queen

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The Coachella Fashion Guide for the Ultimate Festival Queen

The most amazing part of the festival season, apart from all the great concerts, fun with your friends, tons of photos, perhaps meeting someone and starting a summer romance, is the fact that you can experiment with fashion; you can put on a rock outfit that you would not usually dare to, or that are not exactly everyday life appropriate.

Festival fashion has become a phenomenon that is leading a life of its own, and Coachella fashion absolutely holds the crown when it comes to this. Every time the season of this particular festival approaches fast-fashion as well as mid-range, and sometimes even high-end retailers go out of their way in their effort to create the perfect festival garments, and some go as far as creating an entire line of Coachella-specific clothing.

Therefore, a guide on festival fashion and beauty is absolutely essential, so let us guide you towards becoming the reigning queen of the Coachella season.

Embrace colors

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Even if your everyday outfits do not include the free-spirited mixture of color, there is no time like the present to go for mixing different ones, as well as patterns prints. One of the essential pieces of clothing your festival fashion arsenal needs is a boho flowy dress. It is fun, flirty, colorful, and easy to move around and dance with, not to mention it looks absolutely sexy and stunning.

Create a bit of contrast with a pair of cowboy ankle boots (which are sexy and practical), and of course, a bucket bag or a satchel to not only complete the outfit but also to keep all the necessities with you. Animal print and floral mini strappy dresses are another fabulous and eye-catching way to go and let us not forget about kimonos – a festival fashion staple that does not seem to quit. Release the boho goddess in you – embrace all the colors and patterns there are out there. Thing slit dresses are insanely popular, so if you want to wear a long dress and still flaunt those toned legs, go for it.

Crop and chop

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You have not packed properly for Coachella if your bag is missing a pair of cut-out denim shorts. This is festival wear 101, and high-waist is the most flattering type for any figure. If you are super-confident and you want to flaunt your figure, a crop-top is the perfect accomplice to add to your short shorts.

The metallic trend is taking over in the street style department, so why not shine bright like a diamond in a backless mirrored metallic top. Off the shoulder dresses and tops have dominated this year’s runways, so if you love your shoulders, plus you want to add a touch of romance and breeziness to your outfit, you can always resort to this kind of top and look your festival best in no time.

Never enough glitter

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Glitter could possibly be one of the must-have staples no Coachella look should be without, so bring it in abundance and don’t worry about going overboard – there is no such thing as too much glitter. Wear it on your face and body and shine like nobody has done so before.

Since there will be much drinking, dancing, running around, you want to make sure that your glitter (along with the rest of your fab makeup) stays in place, so one of the smartest beauty products you can apply and bring along is a great primer, that will help your makeup endure through all the excitement.

Speaking of glitter, it is not reserved only for your face. The season calls for sequin and glittery kimonos and bralettes. Anything sparkly you’ve got, bring it along. This is your time to shine-literally.

Unleash the cowgirl within

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Cowboy boots, hats, fringe leather pants and kimonos, (and of course a pair of Lennon sunglasses) are always welcome and at home at Coachella, so do not be afraid of unleashing your wild-wild-west side – it’s not like you have many opportunities to rock this in your daily life.

More is more

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This is the time to rock multiple necklaces, as well as statement necklaces, flower crowns and multiple bracelets and hoop earrings. This is the time to show your creativity and follow the ‘more is more’ motto. When it comes to festival fashion, you can never have too many accessories.

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