How to take a saree from day to night!

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Here’s how to take a saree from day to night!

…and from office to a party!

Hate it for the time it takes to drape or love it for the elegance and beauty once you are done draping it, you just can’t ignore a saree! A saree is a knockout throughout the day, but if you just add a few extra touches and your sartorial game will stay on point- all the time!

Here are a few tips to step out in style and make the saree an envy-worthy outfit- irrespective of what time it is! Come handy for the time when you have no time to change and have to head straight from office to a party!

Keep it Sleek, Silly.

You can’t sashay like a baby doll at work! So, strike a balance and keep your makeup minimal, earrings small and heels that don’t clickety-clack. The idea is to keep the look muted yet bang on! Skip the bling altogether and choose silver accessories. A nicely tied hair bun or a pony will give you a neat look.

Drape it nice

Pure cotton sarees can get all creased up so, choose the saree carefully. Besides, it is better to stick with cotton silk and soft silk sarees that have just the right bling and elegance. They don’t wrinkle up even after a long day. Pure silk sarees shopping from BharatSthali like Kanjivaram with a light border. Georgette sarees can also be your choice though, you need to be extra careful with the pallus sneaking and getting stuck in the chair. This can really ruin the saree, leaving it no good.


Be the Boss Lady.

You can choose a summer blazer or boyfriend jacket to give your look a formal yet enthralling look. This is the look to go for if you are pairing the saree with a skimpy blouse. This also lends you a no-nonsense formal, business-like look.

You can wear flats or even sneakers with the saree. Trust us, that’s such a classy move to do!

Change to Sexy.

Now when it is time to leave the work and get ready for the night ahead, pack the bling and get your best game on! Toss the jacket out of your window as it is time to channelise the diva in you! You can go for big golden jhumkas or hoops! Ditch those flats for heels and refresh your pallu a bit. You can drape it again for pleats or let it flow. Undo your hair bun and feel the evening breeze.


Retouch and Refresh

The mute has to go and scream louder about your party mood! Apply mascara, lipstick and blow your hair dry and take some refreshing flower bouquet in hand. This retouch would make you feel fresh and all pepped up for the party!

A saree doesn’t have to be just 9 to 5. With right accessories and the right attitude, you can look like the diva you are, all the time in a saree! Don’t forget to carry your makeup and extra set of safety pins, just in case.

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