Styling Ideas That Hit the Right Balance between the Masculine and the Feminine

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Styling Ideas That Hit the Right Balance between the Masculine and the Feminine. The arrival and rise of millennial pink have certainly done their fair share in the area of blurring gender roles and have served the androgynous generation quite well. Still, it should never slip our minds that the invention of millennial pink was neither the first nor the most important fashion moment that served to push the boundaries between masculine and feminine.


Donna Karan certainly had plenty of influence when the time came to redefine power dressing, and gave the women back their femininity, because as she ‘noticed that all the women around her looked like office drones’. She made a woman feel feminine yet powerful when making her way in the workforce, which was for a very long time a ‘boys’ club’.


Then, of course, entered grunge – a monumental era not only for music but for fashion as well. The music movement made a huge impact on designers like Helmut Lang who took to creating androgynous lines. It wasn’t, however, until Phoebe Philo took the reins at Celine that the concept of power-dressing and blurred lines truly came to life. It is precisely these iconic designers and pop-culture phenomena that we have to thank for sartorial creations that even now continue to hit just the right notes between masculine and feminine.

So, what is it that we have offered in 2017 and on that will accomplish that same goal?

Suit up, of course

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One of the simplest ways to dress like Diane Keaton in Annie Hall (although slightly more polished) is to take what was traditionally considered menswear and reinvent it. Thankfully, we now have such designers like Ralph Lauren, Stella McCartney, Marc Jacobs and many others who have already taken the suit, along with its traditional fabrics and made it feminine. You can choose to wear oversized suits with wide-leg pants and double-breasted blazers, or go for something completely fitted – the result will be the same.

That fine line between masculine and feminine will be yours to walk with the greatest of ease. You can choose to dress up the oversized suit with pumps and frilly silk blouses, or dress down the tailored ones with flat mules and the same effect will be achieved.  

All in

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When it comes to fashion, particularly in the recent few years, we have definitely been allowed to have our cake and eat it too. All bets are off and we are free to experiment with clashing styles, even in a single outfit.

For instance, you could purchase the most wonderfully feminine designer dresses online, and then, with a simple moto leather jacket, you won’t only be able to transcend gender lines, but bring a dose of edginess and appropriateness to every and any occasion. Outfits like these are what happens when Cinderella meets biker chick.

Glitz and glam the new way

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If you have a thing for the ultra-feminine, femme fatale thigh high boots, but fear that when wearing them, there is no way to pull out that healthy dose of masculinity – worry not. You can even wear a sequin mini skirt on top and still look fiercely balanced.

This of course all depends on your choice of outerwear. A puffer jacket – a piece once only seen on ski slopes will give you the exact sleek vibe and restore the balance. The devil is always in the details.

The power of red

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Red has been deemed the color of fall 2017, and given the current climate which has taken a positive turn towards reassertion or female power, it’s only fitting. Now, the question remains – how do you rock a color so utterly bold and feminine and still hit those ‘in-between notes’.

The answer is quite simple. You can rock red pants, or even a pencil skirt, a frilly red blouse or a chunky bright red sweater, but if you add an amazing oversized grey mid-calf trench coat into the mix, you get a whole new story. Throw a pair of loafers into the equation, and voila – you’ve nailed it.

Turn the clock

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The much-beloved trend of the early 2000s is making a huge comeback, and it’s the one featuring dressy tops with jeans. Unlike in the days gone by, the reinvented look will not feature low-rise denim but a more classy, not to mention neutral straight-leg boot-cut jeans.

Now, in order to achieve the desired neutral look, simply incorporate an oversized blazer into the mix, and then you can decide between tennis shoes (and follow the athleisure trend) or ankle boots in a neutral hue, and balance is restored.


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