Spring is here and getting ready for that hot summer weather

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Spring is here and getting ready for that hot summer weather!

5 effective ways to rework, organize your wardrobe from last year and create new outfits for all the finest warmest sunniest weather needs this year.

Without going out and by a whole new follow the trends wardrobe.

In experience of mine on how I get my wardrobe ready for spring and summer is one organization is the key to create new outfits this year from last year clothes.

1  Of course organization go your closet empty out pull every clothes you have from last year spring/summer clothes and rework into something of a new outfit.

It’s okay to buy something new every once in while. It’s okay to reuse the clothes you have last year and make it into a new outfit that you never thought you were before.

2  Time and patience.

Make time in organizing that closet of yours and rework the items of clothing you wore last year and can be used again this year.

Rework the wardrobe for spring/summer

Use everything you have in your wardrobe to rework and create a spring/summer outfits  includes accessories like jewelry, sunglasses, hats for this year.

4 Hang the first spring/summer outfit you rework this year in the closet.

Once the first reuse, rework spring/summer outfit is done and hang in the closet. Do the same again it’s all up to you to create your spring/summer wardrobe everyone has their own wardrobe of style to create a new wardrobe for spring/summer.

5 Once the 5 spring/summer outfits is done you half spring/summer wardrobe for this year.

Once the half part is done you continue until you can create 10 reuse, rework spring/summer outfits.

It depends the amount of clothes in any person closet. Yeah if you can create 20 or 30 reuse, rework spring/summer outfits from last year and clothes before last year that’s great.

It’s all about getting in touch with your inner stylist self as you do this.

Guest posted by Michele Marie at stylettitude

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