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Cold days are finally gone and we can enjoy the fun in the sun once again! You might already be planning picnics, grill-outs and weekend trips to the beach, and the weather is just going to keep getting better. But, while in your planning frenzy, take time to consider that everything you will be doing is going to have an effect on your body, and you need to take good care of it! Learn some spring beauty essentials.

Fashion and makeup

Spring, oh how colorful you are… And so is our new wardrobe! Gone are the blacks and mauves of winter, and we are bringing color back into our lives. Florals are the staple of every single spring, and this one is no different. If you don’t want to go all out, you can keep your outfit neutral or toned down, but add a pop of color with a nice bright jacket or a pair of shoes. You should also try to lighten up your makeup, and choose high-quality brands such as Jane Iredale for it. There’s no more need for heavy duty creams like we need during winter!

Taking care of your skin

When the sun hits, we all just want to get out from underneath all of those warm layers and give our skin some much needed sun. But, while you might be enjoying the warmth, your skin might not be having that much fun if it’s not properly protected. Make sure you use a high SPF cream on your face and body and try not to overindulge in the sun. You might wish to get a good tan, but if your skin is sensitive, it might be best if you stay in shade. A tan is fun, but sunburned skin benefits nobody. 

Stay hydrated at all times


While having fun outside with friends or family, it’s easy to forget to do the most basic things. For example – drink water! Your body needs a lot of water to function properly, and when the weather gets warmer, it will need it even more. If you are out and about the entire day, and especially if you are doing something active, make sure you always have a water bottle on you. If you don’t like drinking water because it tastes “boring”, try adding some flavor to it by dropping some fresh fruit and mint into your water bottle. These ingredients will give it a subtle taste and make it much more enjoyable to drink.

Stay healthy

Spring is the season that brings us a lot of fresh fruit and vegetables. But, it is also the season of ice cream, milkshakes and sweet iced tea. To make sure you stay healthy and fit for summer, you should think every meal through. Make sure you are eating a lot of fruit and veg, and enough proteins to keep you going. If you are lacking some vitamins or other essentials, you can easily get supplements and incorporate them into your diet to make it more balanced. Spring is also the perfect time to sign up for some outdoor exercises, whether it is a morning run a few times a week, or a fitness and yoga class in your neighborhood park on weekends. Exercising is vital for staying healthy, and doing it outdoors always feels better!
Spring is definitely the most inspiring season. It is the perfect time to start working on your beach body while enjoying the amazing weather. Take a moment to stop and admire nature’s rebirth and give yourself a head start by doing everything you can to stay healthy and happy!

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