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Have you ever looked at celebrities and wondered why they constantly look like they’ve just walked out of a fashion shoot. Even when they’re snapped on the street they look better than ninety percent of the population. Well now you don’t have to because we’ve got the secret ways stylists make celebrities look stunning.

Choose Clothes That Suit You

One of the most important ways to ensure that you look great is to make sure you’re dressing to match your body shape. Half of how stylish celebrities look is their confidence. If you are confident in the clothes you’re wearing you are going to look more stylish. You just need to accentuate your best features and hide your worst.

More Is Less

If you think your style looks old and outdated there might be a simple reason. You’re only wearing about twenty percent of your wardrobe. That’s according to fashion stylists who suggest you clear out your wardrobe and start from scratch. Decide what you want to keep but get rid of the clutter.

Au Naturale

You might think that to get the celeb look you need to use a lot of artificial treatments and expensive designer products. On the contrary, you might find that the secret behind the look of the celebs is completely natural. That’s according to stylists who say they swear by oils to make hair look thicker that aren’t made in warehouses. Instead, they are pure and typically from bamboo or made up of minerals. You can find out more about the benefits of these types of oils in the following infographic.

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