Rid those under eye wrinkles in the privacy of your home with TEI Spa.

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DirtyandThirty was lucky enough to go visit the GBK Productions Oscar’s gifting suite. This week we’ll be keeping  you up to date on the newest products out there that the Celebrities are using and of course putting our two cents in…

Being a woman in my 30’s, I am constantly trying to find a way to keep the appearance around my eyes looking like they did in my teens and 20’s.  So when I saw the The Point™ Kit by TEI Spa I starting jumping up and down, literally.  It’s an at home devise using Galvanic microcurrents paired with 24 Karat Gold serum that makes you feel like you have your own personal skin care specialist in your private bathroom.  We may not be celebrities (yet), but we can treat ourselves like ones. 

Of course, I asked them if this product just gave the appearance of change or if it actually treated the skin as well. Lucky for us it does both.  The Point’s Galvanic microcurrents are teamed up and BFF’s with a 24 Karat Gold serum that does not just give the appearance of younger, healthier, tighter skin but it also helps repair the skin as well.  

I grabbed some facts from the website that could help you understand from an actual professional not just a profession skin care junkie.  www.teispa.com

HOW IT WORKS: The Point™ utilizes a micro-current; a gentle, safe, low level electrotherapy to lift and firm fine lines and wrinkles, reduce puffiness as well as increase product penetration. The Point™ has a targeted active delivery system which allows you to zero in on areas of concern with maximum results. Enhance your results when used in conjunction with our 24 Karat Gold Firming Serum. Our brightening and hydrating platinum active firming gel combines the anti-aging effects of 24 Karat Gold, hydrating properties of hyaluronic acid, calming chamomile and rose flower extract and multiple peptides to deliver visible wrinkle reduction and prevention while firming and toning the skin. Experience the benefits of a professional Spa visit in the comfort of your home with just minutes of use a day.

Benefits of Galvanic Currents in Skin Care:

    • Softens the skin tissue and expands pores
    • Increases blood flow and sensitivity in the treated areas
    • Penetrates specific products into the skin
    • Tightens and firms the tissue while contracting skin follicle walls
    • Constricts blood vessels and decreases blood flow
    • Soothes nerve endings and decreases sensitivity
    • Creates an antibacterial effect on the skin by removing sebaceous blockage and by clearing congestion of the skin thereby decreasing acne.
    • Increases the efficiency of the skin treatment by cleaning the skin ozone. Also solve the individual skin problems including oily, dryness and sensitiveness.
    • Relieves post extraction irritation

Benefits of 24 Karat Gold in Anti-Aging: For centuries gold has been revered as a product of luxury and known for its beautifying capabilities. Dating back to the era of Cleopatra and beyond, gold was used for the maintenance of youthful skin.

The use of gold in skin care and wrinkle reduction has been known to lift and firm the skin while slowing down collagen depletion and the breakdown of elastin. These properties have been known to prevent sagging skin while stimulating cellular growth of the skin cells to regenerate tight, healthy skin cells and provide a firming effect.


TEI Spa also give back.  “GET GORGEOUS SKIN. GIVE BACK TO THE COMMUNITY!” Check out the website to see certain products they have selected to give a % of the proceeds to selected charities.  

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