How to Reclaim Your Beauty with the Power of Nature

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We have come a long way and witnessed great evolutionary changes in technology and chemistry, all with the same purpose: to save lives, deter aging and upgrade beautifying techniques. However, somewhat ironically, we go back to our roots, realizing nature has always been our best and only inexhaustible source of health and beauty. The beauty industry has drastically changed due to this epiphany, and it now offers a wide range of organic, vegan, biodegradable, cruelty-free, eco-friendly products ideal for the 2000s’ generations of consumers. Beauty, being more than just a pretty face, demands a lot more than a good hair day and freshly fixed makeup.

Here is how to naturally keep up with its high-maintenance nature.

Eat greener

A healthy lifestyle starts and ends with healthy nutrition. Make a pass on fast food dinners and unhealthy snacks in the middle of the night and start enjoying greener and more fun meal alternatives! Combine the powerful matcha with white chocolate for a sweet and very not-guilty pleasure of the day or add it to fruits and veggies of your choice for a morning smoothie. For a snack, go for a slice of carrot dipped in hummus enriched with sesame. Besides drinking lots and lots of water, try starting a habit of having a cup of green tea each morning with a squeeze of honey, which will boost your energy and prepare you for a long and productive day.

Eating less carbs and sugars can prevent damage to collagen and elastin and hence postpone skin aging. Also, and especially after tanning, you should stock up on superfoods that contain vitamins and anti-carcinogenic properties, such as dark chocolate, sunflower seeds and pomegranate, which keep your skin young and healthy and prevent sun damage.


Engaging in activities which relieve stress is one of the most efficient ways of reclaiming beauty and maintaining the wellbeing of your body and mind. Activities such as meditating or doing yoga on the beach, or simply hiking with friends or jogging in nature, are multi-beneficial – they give you an ideal opportunity to clear your mind, breathe healthy air, boost your body energy and become one with nature.  

Turn to exclusively organic products

Thanks to the great wave of green revolution, we have plenty of information and options to choose from regarding products made from natural ingredients. No matter how appealing or effective chemical products may seem to be, staying away from them is a must-do if you wish to keep your skin young and beautiful. Strong and drying chemical products irritate and dry out your skin, leaving it vulnerable when exposed to sun and air pollution.

Turn to organic and natural skincare products, enriched with beneficial ingredients known as superfoods – such as acai, goji, green tea, shea, oils and other magical natural goods. In addition to their extraordinary power of revitalizing and nurturing your hair, skin and even teeth (try tea tree oil for natural teeth brightening), jojoba, coconut and other wonderful oils work their way into providing calming and pleasant fragrances too. You can also try out some of the numerous detox and anti-age promoting DIY recipes, or simply treat yourself with a good old cucumber slice mask.   

Take care of your environment

Yes, taking care of your environment reclaims your health and beauty. This starts with managing your personal space, like getting a plant or an air purifier in your office to improve the quality of the air you’re breathing, to a broader perspective of recycling or going vegetarian. Try to contribute to your environment as much as possible, since this will not only make an enormous impact on your outer beauty, but will positively affect your spiritual state as well.   

Sleep well

Sleeping beauty does not sleep for so long for no good reason. Getting a good and regular night’s sleep is crucial for one’s beauty and well-being. Poor sleepers are prone to obesity, depression and other diseases, and are proved to age significantly faster than those who stick to a regular sleep schedule and avoid pre-bedtime distractions.

Self-care treatments on a daily basis in strictly natural terms will bring both short and long-term results. A decreased chance of cancer and numerous other diseases is one of the best side effects when switching to nature as your beauty resource. Moreover, such a lifestyle boasts eco-friendliness and promotes a cruelty-free world, and therefore works well for both the sake of the planet and our well-being.


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