Your Pocket Guide to Wearing Vans with Style

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Just a year ago, Vans celebrated their 50th anniversary as a celebrated shoe company. Founded in 1966, the company initially started out as the Van Doren Rubber Company whose manufacturing processes took place in a factory containing second-hand machinery. After many ebbs and flows across the years, Vans established for itself a reputation of making cool shoes, worn both by skaters and hip young people alike. No matter how you wear these shoes, you will always be in style. There are many ways to wear Vans – here are four head-turning outfit ideas:

1. Keep it comfy and stylish

The Authentic shoes are still as popular as they ever were and so volatile that you can wear them with basically anything and still be a trend-setter. Pair them with some cuffed jeans to leave the ankles bare and to highlight the shoes on your feet, while wearing a crop T-shirt with a funky print or an awesome message, depending on your preferences. If the weather gets chilly, complete your outfit with a cable-knit oversized cardigan and roll its sleeves up for extra coziness.

2. Black never goes out of style

Whoever said you can’t be classy while wearing sneakers has not taken into consideration the ace in any woman’s sleeve: going all-black.That’s right, the only white in this outfit will be the white on the Vans Old Skool Black sneakers, that you can get at any time from Sole Finess. Add to these a pair of black skinny jeans, a pitch-black stylish top and a black faux-fur jacket and you’re ready to go. Lastly, don’t forget to accessorize with some awesome black shades that will definitely make you paparazzi-worthy.

3. Old-school touch

Skirts are always a must-have in any wardrobe and as long as the weather is still holding, make sure to take them out for a last spin. For example, you can choose a wine-red button-down skirt and the Fuzzy Suede Slip-ons, for a sweeter, more feminine touch to the outfit. Any loose T-shirt will go with this combo, as long as you wear it tucked into the skirt. Over it, you can wear a denim jacket to give your outfit that cool, old-school charm. If you’re feeling extra confident, you can opt for socks that you can wear above your ankles.

4. Hipster vibes

If you want to be part of the happening and hang out with the hipster or indie crowds, you should definitely go with low-top Vans with printed patterns. You can choose from a wide range of prints, from checkerboard to flowery and cartoon-inspired. Since patterns tend to steal the limelight, it is generally a good idea to not match your patterned Vans with any other patterned item. Instead, you can go for a punk-rock or hip-hop look or simply an unconventional one, especially if you have a quirky haircut and an even quirkier personality.


Vans is a long-running company that is currently on the rise, constantly coming up with new designs for their sneakers, apart from their already impressive portfolio. There is plenty to choose from and the outfit possibilities are endless. It is up to you to decide on the image you want to send off and on what feels the most comfortable to you. Mixing it up and trying new styles is the best way to always have a fresh outfit ready to be taken out for a stroll.

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