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Hello everyone and welcome to the month of fashion! As always, Paris was the first one to give us a glimpse of what’s coming. Now you will probably ask: so, what’s new? What do we have here? Well honey, get ready, because the year of 2018 is bringing us a huge variety of trendy garments: from cozy knits, all the way to sparkly unicorn-like tops. How do we know? Thanks to the paparazzi and photographers, we’ve noticed that the visitors of the fashion show used their time machines once again and saw these shows ahead since they’ve made no fashion mistakes.

The number of visitors was huge, and each and every one of them had their own unique style – which also tells us a lot when it comes to the variety of the next year’s fashion: it is going to be all about embracing the fun aspect of fashion and celebrating the individuality of style. Take a look.



As we know, Paris is the City of Light. Next, we also know that silver is great at reflecting light. So silver garments all over Paris were just meant to happen. Not only were the streets full of silver jackets, blazers, pants and skirts lately, but the catwalks of brands like Chanel or Y/Project also followed this spacey and futuristic vibe.

Plastic coats

The new era fashion predicted in the “Back to the Future” movie, is a little bit off-schedule. Instead of this happening in 2015, it is right now that streets (as well as, again, catwalks) are packed with color blocking coats covered with plastic. These re-fixed rain coats were the ultimate dreams of Raf Simons from Calvin Klein and Miuccia Prada from Miu Miu.

Office wear


During PFW, Paris seemed like there’s a bunch of managers and CEO’s running around. However, when we would get closer we would notice their “definitely not work-related” accessories such as deep cleavage or see-through tops (or no tops at all), ridiculously high and brightly colored stilettos, expensive handbags, etc. In other words, office wear is slowly conquering the fashion world, and we just can’t resist it.

Shoulder pads


Just like playsuits in Australia are an irreplaceable, always-trendy must-have, shoulder-padded coats and blazers are omnipresent on the streets of Paris. They are back again and they’re here to stay. They were worn all over the Paris streets in different shapes and sizes (from blazers to floor-length coats), and were combined with almost every possible garment.



Fur is the symbol of luxury and elegance, and in the city of Paris, it’s an absolute must. Every woman probably has at least one fur piece in her closet. Knowing that, it’s no wonder that Michael Kors, Dries Van Noten and Louis Vuitton have provided us with another round of fabulous collections of fur coats. And of course, besides catwalks, fur was everywhere on sidewalks as well, mostly all-white fur, black fur or mixed fur.

Cozy knits

Just when you think that fashion cannot go further, designers such as Sonia Rykiel, Loewe and Joseph decide to launch modernly updated sweaters (if we can even call them that way now). From now on, wherever you go you will see some classic oversized sweaters made of fringed and stretched wool. They’re super cool, they are fun and they are warm and comfy as hell! In other words, perfect for the current weather conditions.



Oh, you know what’s up. Three words: black, patent, leather. If you want to follow the vibe of Parisian streets, while paying a tribute to Trinity, next time you go jacket shopping, opt for those with that futuristic dominatrix vibe: black leather and sexy silhouettes.

That would be it. What do you think about these streetwear trends? Feel free to leave a comment.

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