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My name is Solange and I’m an online shopping addict. It all started my freshmen year of college when my transportation was limited and I was stuck on campus but had the privilege of having my very first credit card. Don’t worry, I’m not drowning in debt- yet. But online shopping has taken a toll on me in a different way. I refuse to go out into the retail world of endless boutiques and malls. Looking at infinite racks of clothes stresses me out more than my monthly credit card bills! I hate the time spent looking for outfits and having to try them on only to leave with nothing. AND don’t get me started on the people… but that’s a topic for another blog post. Yes, the retail world has definitely made me an anti-social shopper.

I love being able to take breaks in between my day to browse online. My inbox may be overflowing with emails about the many sales and discounts online, but it’s worth it. I am becoming a pro. Here are some of the things I’ve learned as an online shopping pro in training:

1. Sign up for Ebates– Their slogan is “it pays to shop,” a slogan made in heaven for a girl like me! Ebates offers cash back on your online purchases. Every so often you will get a check of the cash points you have accumulated. All you have to do is go through their website to get to the different online retailers. Examples of their deals are 20% cash back on purchases made online at Nordstroms, Sephora, Victoria’s Secret,, and more.


2. Online coupons– Before I check out, I look for promotional codes online. RetailMeNot is great for this!


3. Contact Us– Don’t be afraid to contact the retailers about questions, complaints, or about any new buyer deals you may be eligible for. I remember buying accessories from the website ASOS when a few days later I saw the same items went on sale. I emailed them about this and they immediately gave me back the difference!


4. Compare online– This is probably an obvious one, but so useful! Don’t rush to buy something in the actual store, look online first. Sometimes the online website will have better deals than the actual store.


5. Free shipping my ass– Don’t get sucked into the free shipping deal. I’ve done this a million times; I only wanted one item and got caught up in buying more items I didn’t love only to reach the free shipping limit. Sometimes it can be cheaper to just pay shipping for that one item you wish to buy.


6. Wanelo– is like the retail version of pintrest where users can post unique items they find online. I have become addicted to browsing this site for beautiful clothes, furniture, accessories, and anything else you can think to buy! This website has made my life as an online shopper so much easier. I can search exactly what I want and stumble on things I would have never thought of before.


Do you have any online shopping tips? Share them with us!

Till next time, I’ll be cooped up safely in my room online shopping, away from angry vicious shoppers.

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Solange Rubio
Solange Rubio is a 22 year old aspiring writer and TV host living in LA

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