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Now that we are well into 2018, there are going to be so many people who have been working dang hard to keep their weight loss New Year’s Resolution, and can now see some of the payback for those weeks of hard work. So well done to you! But losing weight does mean losing a good chunk of your wardrobe. Yes baggy shirts and oversized t-shirts look great, but wearing too big clothing can be such a pain, and can put a negative tilt on your amazing achievement; you’re working hard to have the body you want, and can’t show it off under too-big clothing. And yet clothes are expensive. There’s not many of us out there that can suddenly go out and buy a whole new wardrobe. Plus if you’re aiming to lose more, can you justify replacing your entire wardrobe multiple times? And on top of that, there might be items you already have that you love. You should treat yourself to some new clothes to match your new figure, but you can easily re-work a lot of your wardrobe to fit the new you.




As we said, go and treat yourself! You have worked hard and deserve to treat yourself. With a new figure you will find that you look amazing in styles and cuts you didn’t before, and that designs that always worked for you then just don’t anymore. So take a friend and go and try on a load of clothes. This will also help you to find the new cuts and shapes needed for re-working your old clothes. While you’re shopping, pick up some new shoes too – you’ll find that your foot shape, if not the size, can change too. Meaning that you might have to drop down a shoe size, that wide-fit shoes are too big, and that you can wear boots and strappy shoes that you couldn’t before.


Some of your old clothes, like low cut tops, might not be able to be refitted to fit your new body shape, as the scoop cut for the neckline will have been created to take in account a larger bust. And, unfortunately for a lot of ladies, the bust is one of the first places to reduce in size. However, you will have many clothes where you can create a new neckline, take in the seams and reduce the waist band size. Altering clothes can be difficult if you don’t know what you’re doing, so think about taking them to places like Stitch It clothing alterations to have them professionally tailored. However, re-hemming, taking in a seam and even trimming some inches off a garment isn’t that hard to do on simple pieces of clothing. If you have a too-big maxi skirt, with a zip rather than an elasticated waist, you can simple take in one seam by the desire inches and trim the excess post-adjustment. There are so many tutorials out there that can help you to learn how to take-in clothing.

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