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Luke Reichle is busy, busy, busy!  He is a renowned designer, speaker, and known expert in the fields of costume design, fashion and style.  We’ve been lucky enough to see his work on shows like Castle, Without a Trace, CSI Miami and red carpets everywhere!  I sat down with Luke to dish fall fashion, his fabulous career and expert style tips:

Q: How did you get involved in styling and the fashion industry?

Does it count that I was an escort in the Imperial County 4-H fashion show?

I learned to sew out of necessity when I was 12 years old–I was so tall that nothing fit. By the time I exited fashion school, I had my women’s evening wear in Henri Bendel and Saks Fifth Ave.

Shorty after arriving in New York I had the great good fortune to be taken on by one of my design heroes, Perry Ellis. I had a great ride on Seventh Avenue, designing for Calvin Klein, Alexander Julian and Levi-Strauss, among others. I ended on a high note working in Europe for Bjorn Borg Design Group.

I switched to costume design because the prospect of dressing a wide variety of characters and periods offered the prospect of a broader range of creativity.

Q: What do you love about styling women? What I love about styling women is women! 

Their bodies come in all shapes, sizes, colors, conditions and yes (I work in Hollywood after all,) temperaments.

Q: What advice can you give women in their thirties on how to dress?

Dress the body you have and love the body you’re dressing.

Q: Styling for the red carpet is both fun and quite a challenge, what has been one of your most memorable experiences?

I can’t name names—you have to sign a non-disclosure agreement for everything these days—but suffice it to say that using a hot glue gun on an evening gown—while your actress is in the evening gown–in the back of a speeding limousine, is a recipe for disaster. Or at least second degree burns.

Q: You have a fab job as the costume designer at Castle, can you tell us about the day to day?

Television has been called, “Boot Camp for Costume Designers.” As you’re shooting one episode, you’re preparing the next. So while keeping an eye on what is going in front of the camera, we’re stitching, shopping and fitting guest stars, day player and extras for stories coming up.

Q: What have been some of your favorite looks for the show?

The great thing about designing Castle is that the writers are always coming up with settings that allow me a lot of creativity. We’ve done neo-burlesque, steam punk, fairy tales, 1940’s film noir, Elvis impersonators and 19th century zombies.

Q: You are so busy, brag time – what all do you have going on?

We’ve just started shooting season 5 of Castle so there’s that. In addition I’ll be back up in August with the second season of my live-streaming style show, Secrets of the Red Carpe: Style from the Inside-Out. (You can catch up with season 1 on demand at You can also find me dishing out advice on style and dressing on the Beauty page of

Q: What trends should we keep an eye on for fall?

Something red, something plaid and something homespun— not necessarily all in the same garment.

And something green, and by that I mean recycled. Work vintage pieces into your day-to-day dressing.

Q: How can a woman dress sexy without being overtly sexy?

There is nothing more alluring than confidence. The dress is almost secondary. However, the bra is not. Get fitted and get the girls up where they belong.

Q: Where can we stalk you? (Twitter, FB)

You can follow me on Twitter @redcarpetluke and like me on FB here:

To be in prime stalking position, sign in to the live chat room as we’re streaming Secrets of the Red Carpet. We’re back for season 2 starting August 11th on

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