Mirror On The Wall, Who’s The Fairest Of All?

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Staying attractive is a hidden desire of us all. You don’t need to ask around: Nobody wants to get ugly as they get older. Most people associate beauty with age. They naturally believe that it disappear as you begin to age. This is not true. Age and beauty are two unrelated phenomena. Taming one might help the other, but you don’t need to stop aging to remain beautiful. All you need is to be able to develop healthy beauty and feel good routines to age gracefully. Believe it or not, but you can combine age and beauty with these few tips. So welcome the odd expression wrinkle when you see it in the mirror: It doesn’t make you ugly, far from it. It’s time to s how the mirror on the wall that you are the fairest of all.


Don’t wait until it’s too late

Your skin is not the only organ that ages, but it’s the only one that shows the impact of time to everyone else. Therefore, it’s not difficult to see why you need to take good care of your skin, regardless of how old you are. Your skin requires regular moisturizing, distressing, and deep cleaning. So, why not go for a facial care treatment from time to time to boost your skin with energy? You need to keep an eye on your skin in your everyday beauty routine too. This means that you should by now be aware of your specific problem area if you have any – the T-zone is a common one, for instance – and know how to best look after it every day. Additionally, remember that simple gestures can make all the difference: Clean your makeup off before going to bed, and make sure that you are drinking plenty of water during the day. These are simple enough, but they can change your skin health dramatically.


Fighting the aging phenomenon

Taking care of your skin doesn’t stop it from suffering the damage of time. As you age, your skin loses its natural firmness and elasticity. You probably know the direct result of this: It’s call wrinkles. While you can’t stop wrinkles, you can certainly use quality anti-wrinkle creams to help your skin stay smooth. Additionally, a common area of worries for women is the skin on the neck and chest, as it is extremely sensible. There is no miracle solution but the Gold Bond chest cream, for example, provides a good mixture of aloe vera, jojoba oil, salicylic acid, hydration blend and proteins to moisturize your skin and support the creation of new skin cells. When you are looking to prevent the signs of aging on your skin, creams that help your skin to maintain its firmness are your best allies.


Get plenty of natural antioxidants in your diet

A good skin care routine requires plenty of antioxidants to reduce the signs of aging and help maintain the natural elasticity of the skin. Naturally, antioxidants are a key ingredient of quality cream products, but they are also an essential part of your diet. Vitamin C is an antioxidant that slows down skin damages and helps to grow new cells. You can find it in its natural form in oranges, green cabbages, raspberries, chili peppers, lemons, kiwifruits, and onions. Vitamin E is key to reduce wrinkles and skin dryness. Its best sources are almonds, avocados, peanuts, beet greens and spinach. Finally, green tea provides protection against UV rays that can harm your skin.

vitamin c

Shed light on a sunny vitamin

But there’s no glowing skin without plenty of natural sunlight, which provides vitamin D. Vitamin D is indispensable to your health, but it also gives longevity to your skin. While too much sun can damage your skin, you need regular exposure to sunlight to help your skin repair itself, develop new cells, and destroys the agents that accelerate premature aging. Your body has the ability to produce vitamin D after sun exposure, but it’s an ability that decreases with age. In short, remember to go for a walk in the sun!


Learn to stay positive

You have, to be honest with yourself: You can’t stop wrinkles from appearing. But what you can do is control the expression wrinkles that will appear on your face. Indeed, sticking to a positive spirit will mean that the signs of aging will display your smile instead of a grumpy expression. Additionally, a youthful mind helps you to stay and look healthy in older age. Nothing stops wrinkles, but better a wrinkle along your smile as you walk the dog outside than a wrinkle by your sad eyes as you have to sit down to catch your breath.


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