Men: Investing In Your Appearance In The New Year? Where To Start

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As we get older, we can all become very complacent in how we look. We get married, we become fathers, and often we can choose comfort over style. While there is nothing wrong with that, sometimes it can have a negative effect on us when it comes to how we feel and our confidence and self-esteem. So if the new year sees you wanting to make a change and investing in your appearance, I thought it would be a great time to share with you some of the areas you can start with.


Take some time for some self-maintenance


Maybe your beard or facial hair has gone a little outgrown, perhaps your hair isn’t in any form of style. Maybe your skin needs some attention, or you want to lose a few pounds. Taking some time to take care of your own personal maintenance can be the key to looking and feeling better. Getting a haircut, trimming the beard, even going on a more healthy eating diet to help you lose some of the holiday weight, can all be combined to helping you feel much better about yourself. You may not look like top model Marlon Teixeira, but you can always look your best. Plus often doing these things can also trim off a few years in regards to what age you look. Who knew?



Invest in some new clothes


Clothes can often have a huge impact on how we look and feel, so maybe now is the time to invest in a few key pieces. You could look online for some dickies jeans or jumpers. Maybe invest in some new smarter clothing for work like suits or shirts. New shoes, new t-shirts, they can all make a difference to how you look. If you look in the mirror and feel good, then this can be a real big confidence booster.


Shop smart not hard


Shopping for a new wardrobe of clothing may sound expensive, but it doesn’t have to be if you shop smart not hard. January is a great time to visit some of the popular retail stores as they will have some great sales and discounts applied. Using coupons or voucher codes for online purchases is another way to help bring the cost down. It is important to ensure that you also don’t overbuy. So consider something like a capsule wardrobe instead that will allow you to mix and match key pieces to ensure that you make more of the items you have and invest in.


Stick with styles that you are comfortable with


Finally, only stick with styles that you are comfortable with. It is important that you still enjoy the clothes that you are wearing and how you look. Trying out something different is good, but ensure that the style suits you and that you are happy with it. There is no point in wearing something that you feel ridiculous in as this can have a negative impact on how you feel.


I hope that some of these tips help you to branch out and try new things with your appearance in the new year. Sometimes this one step is enough to boost your confidence in other areas of your life.

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