How To Make Your Man Stylish – Cool Men’s Hairstyles For 2017

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Have you ever dated a guy who was great in almost every aspect? Smart, charming, sweet and had most everything you wanted in a boyfriend or husband. The only hesitation you had was that he demonstrated absolutely no sense of style? And maybe that irked you enough to break up with him; then again, some of you didn’t care enough and married him!

The only difference is now you’ve had to stare at his mismatching clothes, terribly trimmed facial hair, and bad haircut for years, and you think it’s time for him to finally start dressing like a real man!

Unfortunately, getting him to do anything about it is as difficult as having a conversation during a sporting event. And what’s worse – you know it’s easy and simple to do, but he’s still convinced revamping his fashion and style will cost thousands of dollars and hours at the mall.

Getting The Best Men’s Haircut

Maybe the right way to make your man stylish is by starting at the top – his haircut. A guy’s haircut costs less than $20 and he gets one every month, meaning an experiment gone bad isn’t long-lasting. The stakes are small and cheap, but the right cut and hairstyle can really revolutionize a man’s look. Nevertheless, the tricky part is picking the best haircut.

As plastic surgeons will tell you, beauty is mostly about the human eye’s perception of symmetry and shapes, and men’s hair is no different. To help guys answer the age old question, “What haircut should I get?” the bloggers at have put together a graphic detailing the right cut and style for each face shape.

For example, if your man has sharp features, then he may have a square or diamond face shape. For square-faced men, experts recommend a number of good hairstyles, such as a skin fade and undercut on the sides, combined with longer hair on top, such as comb overs, slick backs, and messy crops. Furthermore, your guy may choose to grow some facial hair to soften the chin and jawline!

To determine his face shape and get a stylish haircut style, have your boyfriend or husband check out the illustrations below!

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