Last-Minute Fashion Packing Guide for Spontaneous Travelers

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You’re a spontaneous girl who hates to plan her trips months ahead? Welcome to the club, you definitely aren’t the only one! Here’s a super-useful last-minute fashion packing guide for all spontaneous travelers out there, so check it out and learn how to pack quickly yet effectively for your upcoming trip!

A cool leather jacket is an absolute must…

A stylish leather jacket is one of the most important garments you need to pack for your last-minute trip, and the reasons for that are more than good. First of all, such a clothing item can completely transform your casual combos and take them to a whole new level, which is a benefit you shouldn’t overlook. It will inevitably make your outfits much bolder and edgier – especially if it has a rock’n’roll vibe, so incorporate it into your clothing combos and you certainly won’t make a mistake. The best thing about it is the fact that it can be combined with any type of footwear – from sporty sneakers and casual flats to bulky boots and even elegant high heels. Just give this garment a fair shot and rock it on your exciting trip!

… As well as your favorite pair of jeans

Needless to say, a good pair of jeans can be a real life-saver – which is particularly true if you don’t have much time to pack and come up with various fashion combos. This is the case simply because a quality pair of jeans can be worn on any occasion, from sightseeing and exploring the new destination to grabbing a quick lunch or having a nice dinner with your travel buddy. Apart from the super-trendy skinny jeans, there are also amazing high waisted jeans that are said to emphasize your curves and compliment your body shape in the best possible way. Combining such jeans with footwear has never been easier, as all you need to do is to slip into your fave ankle booties and rock them proudly on your trip. These should be warm and comfy yet stylish at the same time, so bear that in mind and you won’t make a mistake!

Make sure to bring a trendy swimsuit, too

If you’re a passionate traveler who loves to explore fabulous destinations all across the globe, you know that the majority of hotels feature either a swimming pool or a spa center within their facilities. Well, this is exactly why you should pack a trendy swimsuit as well. As for the preferred style, we must say that bikinis are still going strong this season, so be sure to get a high waisted bikini that can cover your minor flaws and immediately boost your self-confidence. This style is loved by so many ladies these days, so give it a try and you’ll see why that is. A cover-up such as a lightweight dress or a kaftan isn’t required because you’ll probably get a hotel bathrobe to wear. However, it would be smart to bring a pair of flip-flops, so don’t forget to pack them, too!

Don’t forget to pack cozy flannel shirts

Another thing you shouldn’t forget to bring is a cozy flannel shirt (or a few of them). This garment simply screams ‘fall’, which is exactly why so many people love to wear it as soon as this beautiful season kicks in. As already mentioned, flannel shirts are extremely cozy and comfortable, so you can be sure that these will keep you warm on chilly evenings. Mastering the art of layering is highly recommended, though, so that you can always add another layer when it gets cold or take it off once it becomes too hot. For example, wearing a flannel shirt over an ordinary monochromatic T-shirt is a great idea, and you can further layer it with a leather jacket and a nice, soft scarf, if necessary. Mixing and matching these garments with your favorite flannel shirts will pay off, and guess what? These won’t get wrinkled up in your suitcase, which is another marvelous benefit you should take into consideration!

As you can see, there are so many fabulous last-minute packing tips that can make your life much easier, and these four undoubtedly are the best ones out there. So, if you’re a spontaneous gal who loves to travel whenever she feels like it, without too much planning ahead, just stick to our tips and you’ll do a great job! 

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